101 in 1001: February 2012

1 February 2012

It’s been a few months since my last 101 post, so I figured we were all due for an update and check in! Close observers of my original list will notice that I’ve modified a few goals since January 1, 2011. Some purists might consider that “cheating,” but to me, the point of a 101 in 1001 project is not slogging through a set of outdated goals that are no longer relevant or meaningful, but pushing and challenging yourself to live a better, more full life everyday.

With that, here are my goals for February:

— Finish the biography of John Adams I’m reading (for no. 61)
— Print out a favorite poem and commit to reading it every night as I brush my teeth (for no. 56)
— Design and print Em for Marvelous return address labels for Etsy store (for no. 76)
— Order my Warby Parker glasses now that I’ve returned my try on pairs (for no. 95)

Theurel & Thomas branding via Black*Eiffel (photos from Anagrama)

I also wanted to give you a quick update on my 2012 goal of establishing certain daily habits. (Here’s the original post if you missed it!) In a word, it’s going fantastic! I ended up ordering the goal log, and it’s been so helpful in keeping me on point.

If you’ve posted about February goals, feel free to leave a comment below — I’d love to come take a peek!

6 Responses to “101 in 1001: February 2012”

  1. Love that Theurel & Thomas branding! It looks so tasty! And you’ll have to post a picture of your new Warby Parker glasses once you get them–they look super cute! I posted about my February goals here if you want to check them out. :)


  2. I blogged my February goals yesterday! Aaand I’m super excited to see which Warby’s you order. I’m obsessed with mine : Finns in Sandlewood Matte. Love them.

  3. Em

    Nancy, you inspired me to finally order some Warby trial pairs! One of my five was the Finns, but they didn’t look nearly as cute on me as they do on you :)

  4. What beautiful macaron branding! I just started my 101 in 1001 last month, but I just posted an update!