My new favorite…

24 June 2009

…boxwood garland. Not that I had an old favorite boxwood garland. But you get the idea. It remains to be seen what I would actually do with said garland once I had it in my hot little hands, but I would very much like to get the chance to find out, wouldn’t you?

If I was getting married anytime soon, I would put it on top of the cake, like Martha:

{Ohhhh Martha}

But alas I am not, so perhaps I will have to string it beneath a fireplace mantel or hang it on my front door or use it to finish off a package. What would you do with this garland if it was yours?

If you have a good idea, you can purchase a 25-foot long coil at Bell’occhio for $9 + s&h.

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Venue Scout: Kirkwood Gardens

23 June 2009

While in New Hampshire, I also had the chance to visit the Kirkwood Gardens, a beautifully landscaped property in Holderness. Because I perpetually have weddings on the brain, much like Church Landing, when I clamped eyes on this space the words “ceremony” and “reception” immediately jumped to mind. Back in front of a laptop, I did a little research and found that they do, indeed, hold weddings in the gardens.

First, how about this or this or this for some garden party inspiration?

The upper lawn, shaded by majestic old trees and ringed by a blue stone patio, is the perfect location for dinner and dancing (it can accommodate a tent and up to 125 guests).

A set of wide granite steps leads to the lower, sunny, flower-filled lawn. I’m picturing a ceremony with the guests seated in chairs (or even quilts, for a casual celebration!) on the lawn below, with the bride, groom, and officiant at the top of the steps.

Guests could mingle throughout the lower lawn during cocktail hour (a strolling musician would be perfect here!). See that photo above? Those are peonies. So. Many. Peonies. Just waiting to burst into bloom for your celebration.

See more information about holding your event at the Kirkwood Gardens here!

Bonus! Ridiculously cute animals just a few steps away, at the adjacent Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

Board No. 37: One Morning in Maine

22 June 2009

{Click image to enlarge!}

There are so many reasons why I love this board.

First, it’s partially inspired by one of my favorite books from childhood.

Second, it’s utterly affordable. Have friends bake blueberry cheesecake, break out heirloom linens from the hutches of relatives for reception tables, pluck and dry hydrangea from a neighbor’s garden (or your own!) for a bouquet, and comb the beach for shells in the weeks prior to the wedding to scatter down the center of long tables.

Third, this wedding gets its unique “feel” from the fog rolling in off the ocean – the bride that chooses this board won’t have to do the weather dance in the weeks leading up to the ceremony!

Keep the palette muted and soft (cream + lichen green + dusty blue + navy + weathered gray) and you can’t go wrong.

The Details
First row, left to right: fog portrait by Jenny Ebert; blueberry cheesecake via Jupiter Images; lichen napkin photo by April Joy Events

Second row: dried hydrangea in blue Ball jars via Weddingbee; mussel escort card table photo by Stacey Kane; Whaler portrait from Brides; bridesmaid photo by Leigh Miller Photography

Third row: lantern photo via Style Me Pretty; beach portrait by Brown Mouse Photo via Once Wed; vintage silver and linens photo by Karl Juengel

Monday, Monday + Hats

22 June 2009

{Photo by Woodward + Rick via the LBBB}

Happy Monday, all!

What do we think about this hat? Would you ever consider wearing one for your wedding day? Maybe at the end of the night with a going-away outfit? It’s very Jackie O, but maybe a little but too much.

My Mom wore a hat when she married my Dad, and growing up my sisters and I were convinced that this was a poor choice on her part. Now I’m not so sure…