Drink stirrers in action!

29 June 2011

Squee!!! My drink stirrers were featured in the most STUNNING wedding a few months back on Style Me Pretty!

Doesn’t Kate make a beautiful bride? When she asked for tall drink stirrers in lavender and cream, I never knew I would be sending them to such a gorgeous celebration. See the rest of her photos, by the talented Samm Blake, here! (And if you’re wondering why it took me a few months to share, it’s because her wedding was just featured in Wedding Style Guide, an Australian publication, which landed on newsstands a few days ago!)

And if you’d like drink stirrers of your own, click here!

Marget + Seth engaged!

28 June 2011

On another personal note, I am so excited that one of John’s sisters is engaged!! Seth asked for Marget’s hand a few weeks back (in Paris!), and the two will be married at the Eolia Mansion at Harkness State Park next summer. We’ve had two planning calls already, and things are starting to take shape. Can you tell I am a little excited for them?!

Two photos above of Harkness (top by Carla Ten Eyck, bottom by Raw Photo Design)

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad

27 June 2011

Today is my parents’ thirtieth anniversary. My Dad is funny and smart, and incredibly patient, charming, and diplomatic. My Mom is also funny and smart, and the warmest, most welcoming, and kind person you’ll ever meet. They are two of the most special people I know, and I’m so glad they found each other and decided to have children :) I love you, Mom and Dad!

P.S. Doesn’t my Mom’s wedding dress kind of remind you of Kate Middleton’s?

Maine Squeeze: We Toast

23 June 2011

We’ve hashed out (almost) all the pretty details; now it’s on to some of the “events” of the reception. First, toasts.

My Dad spoke first. Those of you who know my Dad would agree — he is a master speaker. He has almost 30 years of being a professor under his belt, so he is something of a professional, you might say. But still — he has an uncanny and extraordinary knack for saying the perfect thing at every occasion. Kate and Cormac’s wedding was no exception. His toast was warm and welcoming, funny and clever, heartfelt and loving. It was so obvious he put thought into it (as he always does), and it paid off. Bravo, Dad.

Next up was the father of the groom. Rick did a wonderful job, as well, reflecting on the past week (and years!) as well as the wedding day itself. He is also a teacher, so I wasn’t surprised he was comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Bravo, Rick.

Which brings us to the bridesmaids/maids of honor toasts. My sister Kim and I shared these roles, and so we shared the toasting responsibilities, too. We had talked briefly about what we would say several times before the wedding, agreeing that we would hash out the details when we were together in Maine the week before the big day.

Which we did… sort of. We kind of settled on a loose plan of Kim will introduce us, and Em will say what an awesome big sister Kate is (and was) and how excited we are to have Cormac joining our family. Well, we executed our plan… sort of. I do remember saying something about how much we love Kate, and I do remember saying something about how much we love Cormac. But what I remember more is how what we said in no way encompassed the sentiment we actually felt. And I felt horrible.

Yes, I had the excuse that I was a leeeeetle busy in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding, well, planning the wedding. And I have the “excuse” that I hate public speaking. But I could have done better, and I should have done better, because you don’t get too many chances to toast your big sister and her new husband, and I should have done a better job with the one I got. This is especially crushing to me, because one of my very FAVORITE parts of weddings are the toasts.

Luckily (at least according to the photographic record), Kate appears to have liked our speech:

BUT moving on. We were followed by Cormac’s best man, Paul, who had the crowd roaring. Paul’s toast involved snot.

The groom really didn’t find the toast very funny, unfortunately.

We finished the speaking part of the reception with a blessing over the meal given by my Uncle Dick, who is more of an honorary uncle than an actual uncle. It was really special to have him giving the blessing, since he married my parents thirty years ago and baptized Kate ON the Island where she was married 26 years later. Pretty special.

Up next? The cake!!

All photos by the super talented and lovely Jenna Cole and Meredith Perdue.

We arrive
We prepare
We raise the tent
We rehearse and play wiffle ball
We jump off the wharf
We eat lobster
We wake up very early, and the gents get dressed
The girls get ready
They make their vows
Lemonade and cookies
We eat
We play
More decor