A surprising source for fall clothes

19 October 2017

Here’s something I bet you didn’t expect me to post about today: how marvelous the clothing is at Abercrombie & Fitch right now!

I had heard rumblings of A&F’s newfound awesomeness from a few friends, and sure enough, the rumors were true. After a quick browsing session, I checked out with seven items in my cart, and ended up keeping six!! Unprecedented! Here’s what made it into my closet:

Abercrombie favorites

All blue (I guess I know what I like?), but not a one with the A&F logo on it :) I did actually buy the bottom right shirt in white, but the detail was too hard to see in the collage!

Overall, I was super impressed with the quality of the fabric and construction — honestly, I felt like it was significantly better than J.Crew Factory, which constitutes the majority of my closet! Here are a few more detailed reviews, from top to bottom and left to right:

Knit wrap dress: Hands-down my favorite pick from this order – I’m a little obsessed and considering buying it in another color!! I’ve always loved the look of wrap dresses (so balletic!) but have never found one that fits me well. This one, however, is a dream.

V-neck sweater: Particularly impressed with the quality on this piece – it’s a lovely, heavy knit. I bought it in a medium so it would be oversized, and it’s just on the verge of being too big – but I expect it might shrink a bit over time.

Relaxed v-neck tee: A pretty basic at an incredible price. I will be buying this in another color!

Tie sleeve shirt: A casual but “grown up” look with a great fit. I love the stripe version, too.

Ruffle-hem top: Love, love, love this one. Thin but not see-through, and so soft. The first thing I pull from my closet after doing laundry :)

Ruffle sleeve boyfriend tee: I have had limited success pulling off the ruffle trend, but the ruffles here are understated enough, and the fit of the shirt boxy enough, that it works for me here!

And there was so much else I would happily have bought!! Like these comfy leggings! And this cozy pullover! But, you know, budget :) Though since I bought everything at 40-60% off, the prices couldn’t have been more reasonable.

What do you think, friends? Have you popped into an A&F recently? Are my picks convincing you you might need to make a visit? And do you regularly pack a shopping cart with only one color??

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19 Responses to “A surprising source for fall clothes”

  1. Haha! I too discovered this and feel like I’ve gone back in time! I took my mom with me the other day and she found stuff she liked too! Did you know that Abercrombie actually hired J Crew’s creative director last year? It explains a lot! :)

    P.s. I don’t know if you realized this but I was wearing the bottom left ruffle hem tee at Articles Club last Tuesday!! How hilarious would that have been if we were twinning?! ?


    Now that you mentioned it, I do remember you wearing that shirt1 So fun! And I didn’t know about them hiring J.Crew’s Creative Director – but it makes sense!

  2. Kelly

    uhm what?! Now I need to pop on over and give this a peruse! :)

  3. I found my Easter dress there earlier this year! It had been years since I stepped in the store and was impressed by how polished their brand is now :)


    Ahh, I’ll have to remember to check back in next spring! :)

  4. Ana

    YES!! I’ve been telling everyone about how great Abercrombie is. I’ve gotten four dresses from there this past year and people are so surprised when I tell them where the dress is from :)

  5. Elizabeth McDougal

    This was a total shock to me since I haven’t been in there since middle school. I did end up getting a pullover from there this year that I love.


    I haven’t been in an actual store since middle school, either – ha! So far I’ve only been brave enough for online shopping :)

  6. I’ve found a few cute things at A&F over the past year or two but haven’t looked in a while. All of these are so cute! How did you find the sizing, especially for something more fitted like that wrap dress?


    I found it generally to be what I would expect. I ordered a small in the wrap dress, and I’m usually either a small or extra-small!

  7. Bethany

    It’s funny you posted this! I just bought that pullover you linked in white/rose gold (it arrived today, actually), and it’s a good thing I snatched it up, since they are all sold out! I too was impressed with A&F, though I think my pullover was shipped directly from a store or something – it still had that tell-tale A&F perfume smell. :)


    Ha!!! That cracks me up :)

  8. Amazing, right? I was so excited to find so many good things there a few weeks ago, and I was very impressed with the quality, too. Love the pieces you picked up!

  9. I’ve heard of this but now you have me actually wanting to look! Did you feel like the sizing was normal? I remember it used to be extreme reverse vanity sizing and wearing an XL there in like middle school, haha!


    Nope, I would definitely say the sizing was accurate if not overall a little generous! (For instance, I would say the sweater I ordered in medium fit more like a large!) I think you will be impressed!!

  10. I’ve been hearing great reviews on A&F since they have updated their styles a bit… your finds definitely have me wanting to check them out in person now! Really interesting you mentioned the quality to be even better than Jcrew Factory (that’s the main store I buy from too). The first thing I wondered when I began reading your post was if the quality of A&F seemed to be very good. I remember back when I was in high school A&F quality was just ok. Often times it was overpriced and didn’t hold up super well. Good to know it’s gotten much better! Looks like I need to check it out!

  11. Kristina

    Love your picks! I have been hearing so many great reviews on the new A&F products lately that I had to check it out for myself yesterday. There is no store in my town but I don’t think I would have been brave enough to go into a store anyway ;-) Online I found two great sweaters for fall and winter and I can’t wait to try them on once they arrive tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are true to size and will fit me!

  12. Cassie

    Yay! I’ve been reading your blog for years and I actually just started working for A&F’s marketing department this spring, so it makes me super happy to know that word is finally spreading about their awesome turn around. I can tell you that the energy there right now is amazing — they’re doing such incredible things!


    Cassie!! That is so fun! What an exciting time to be working there!