An ode to golf course strolls

19 July 2013

Overall we were ready to leave our apartment and happy to be moving on to our house, but there was one thing we knew we would miss terribly: the golf course. Our apartment was situated directly on a championship course, and for the last four years we strolled on its cart paths almost every day. We walked before work and after work, in blazing heat and biting wind; we jokingly called it the “nature preserve” because we saw so many herons, turtles, birds, muskrats, fish, deer, ducks, and bunnies. We also saw some pretty spectacular sunsets, which John captured beautifully over the years. Here, just a few of our favorites:






Sigh. Do you have a favorite place to walk?

8 Responses to “An ode to golf course strolls”

  1. Oh my goodness, those are breathtaking! I LOVE walking on golf courses, it’s always so quiet and serene. So peaceful!

  2. cassie

    this reminds me of when my now husband and i lived a few miles from the campus of wellesley college and we would do a loop around the pond, often talking about wedding plans. after we moved, justin printed and framed one of the photos we took for our first married christmas :)

  3. Stunning photos Em. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new place, as it progresses.

  4. Beautiful! So excited for y’all to find NEW walking routes by the new house! :)

  5. WOW Em!! Those are stunning! I just moved to Washington DC and cannot wait to find great places to walk!

  6. So gorgeous!! My favorite place to walk is the university up the hill from my house which happens to be where I graduated from so it has special memories as well as fantastic views! I can’t even imagine moving away!

  7. And here I was worrying about missing Texas sunsets! My windows are on the sunrise side, so my new goal for this week is to find a spot where I can watch the sun go down too. :)

  8. Rob

    Great photos.