Anthro Color-Dipped Dress

8 February 2011

Saw this dress in my local Anthro a few days ago and loved it! Much cuter in person than online. Sadly, it’s $100, which is about half of my yearly clothing budget. Check it out here!


Two lovely ladies have pointed out that Quinn wore this exact dress in Tuesday’s episode of Glee! I LOVE Quinn’s style and am tickled that our fashion choices coincided :)

8 Responses to “Anthro Color-Dipped Dress”

  1. Whitney

    Why, oh why is Anthropologie so cute and so out of reach? All we can hope for is that it will eventually go on sale!

  2. Emily

    Whitney, the REALLY sad part is that it's already ON sale… from $200. Wahhhh!!!

  3. Charity

    Cute colors…yes, why does Anthro have to be so expensive? I suppose because we pay for quality….maybe it will go more on sale?:) (yes, I realize that wasn't grammatically correct)

  4. Paloma

    Spotted this darling on Glee last night! You and Quinn think alike!

  5. alli

    I was going to comment that Quinn wore this on Glee last night, but it looks like someone beat me to it! It is a cute dress, and I think that's so impressive that you have a $200 clothing budget for the year. My husband would love that.

  6. Emily

    YES! I love Quinn!! Thanks for pointing this out, ladies!

  7. Anonymous

    I just bought this dress yesterday at Anthro for $39.95… seriously. They had about 10 of the dresses too, so it wasn't like I got the last one or it had a big hole in it. Wearing to a rehearsal dinner (not mine) on Friday – can't wait! I don't watch Glee (I know, I know), but I am psyched to learn I am in style with the "youngins'!" :)

  8. Emily

    Oh my goodness, Anonymous!! I am heading to my local Anthro TOMORROW with fingers crossed!