Apartment garden: June

14 June 2011

No blossoms or fruit yet, but the plants are much larger than last month, no? We’ve been harvesting lots of lettuce, basil, cilantro, and mint in the meantime! Fingers crossed for peppers in July :)

4 Responses to “Apartment garden: June”

  1. Cassie Brese

    What are the strings/ wires that you have going into some of the pots? Does it help with watering? Looks like your plants are doing really well! Mine might not be so lucky. :-)

  2. JT

    Hey Cassie,

    Those cords are part of a self-watering system that siphons water gradually through terra cotta spikes into the soil. I got them here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002VAHXC

    Now we can go on weekend getaways without worrying our plants will be on death's door when we return.

  3. Matt

    They look very healthy though. We've already had Radishes and Kale out of the garden this year. You can't beat it!

  4. Cassie Brese

    Thanks so much!! I will definitely need to get those!