Better Homes & Gardens site redesign + giveaway!

20 May 2011

You all know I am a big fan of Better Homes & Gardens. Fun fact: I have continuously subscribed to BHG since 1999, which might make me their youngest subscriber ever. There was one point maybe 4-5 years ago when I was seriously considering not renewing my subscription, but then the current Editor in Chief, Gayle, arrived, and things began to turn around. They’re pretty much on fire now, as evidenced by my two recent posts on their awesomeness (here + here).

I know many of my readers are BHG fans, as well, so I wanted to share that their complete site redesign launched today! I got a sneak peek earlier this week, and it looks beautiful. The biggest improvement, in my opinion, is the larger images across all departments, which I’m sure y’all will love, as well.

Cupcakes! Bedroom makeovers! They all look so bright and beautiful now. Go take a look around and see for yourself!

And to celebrate, BHG has given me five 1-year subscriptions to give away to my readers! To enter, just leave a comment on this post before Friday, May 27, and I’ll randomly select five winners. Good luck!

21 Responses to “Better Homes & Gardens site redesign + giveaway!”

  1. Paloma

    The new site looks great! What a lovely giveaway – thanks Emily & BHG!

  2. Jennifer

    That is so generous of them! I am absolutely in love with the sky and golden rod bedroom- seriously- how cute would that be as a guest room???

  3. Kate

    Hooray for cupcakes!

  4. Cassie

    I love their recipe and cooking section!! I'm always looking for new things to try! :-)

  5. Little Bitty Things

    LOVE BH&G…would love to win a subscription! What a great give-away!

  6. Kathleen

    I bought BHG for my sister-in-law as a gift, but I really wanted it for myself! Would love to win this!

  7. Laura

    Oh I love BHG! I drool over their dream home every year and imagine all the fun I could have there.

  8. Catherine

    Their website does look great! I love looking up there for new ideas that we can use when redoing the various parts of our house. I'd love to have a magazine subscription for them! Thanks for the great treat for your readers :)

  9. AubreyLaine

    Wow! Thanks for the chance!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  10. beka

    i would LOVE to add BHG to my ever-growing list of magazine subscriptions! thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  11. Alissa

    What a great give-away! I used to read my mom's BH&G but now I live on the East Coast and don't get home as much. Thanks for the website, tip!

  12. Emily Hansel

    Such good memories of BHG from my childhood. Must check out the website, and a subscription would probably be a big help now that I'm a homeowner!

  13. Jessica

    Ooh I would love to win a subscription! What a great give-away Emily & BHG!

    (P.S. Hi! Love your blog! Not sure I've ever announced myself reading but it's Jesse R. from college :))

  14. Jessica

    Oops email: jessicafroche at gmail dot com

  15. Lesley Anne

    LOVE that sunflower print headboard! What a great giveaway opportunity, thanks for hosting Emily!

  16. Kathryn

    So fun! :)

  17. Sarah

    hey Emily,
    I saw your mom this weekend and told her I've been secretly stalking your blog… It is such fun! I always look at my mom's BH&G when I'm home, but this would be the first time I get it on my own!
    Sarah H (from way back childhood days in Ledyard)

  18. Kimberly

    me me me! :)

  19. K

    This would definitely be awesome to win!!!

  20. Molly

    me too! :)

  21. Gretchen Alice

    Not sure if it's too late, but it's worth a shot! I love BH&G!