Day-in-the-Life Family Photos with Nancy Ray

11 January 2017

I’m so happy to share the first part of our family photo session with Nancy Ray today! You may recall that Nancy gifted me the session of my choice at my baby shower. I thought long and hard about how to use it, and eventually decided to save it until June was a little bit older. I am SO glad I did, because these photos, with all of June’s grandparents, could not be more precious. (They were visiting for her baptism!)

I’ve broken the session into three posts; today, I’m sharing a few favorites from the ones we took at home, day-in-the-life style. (This was our inspiration.) Enjoy!!




A favorite!!!




Please enjoy that John is wearing his crocs in almost every photo… he considers them the equivalent of slippers :)






And now let’s mix in some grandparents! I mean, how much are we all going to treasure these for the next 50 years???




June’s main goal in life is to get the cats to let her pet them, so this was a very exciting moment that Nancy captured.





This particular photo is very special to me… reading with my Dad is pretty much my number one memory from childhood, so seeing him do the same with June almost makes my heart explode. I am SO, so, so grateful our baby gets to have all four of these wonderful people in her life, as I know not all kiddos are so lucky.


Best Dada I know :)



I hope you love these photos as much as we do! I know I’m biased, but I think Nancy’s work here is just magical. Next up: more family photos outside!

P.S. In case you are wondering, my sweater and June’s dress are from Old Navy (I ordered it in a size large so it would be oversized!), and her headband is from Simple June. I did my own makeup (what?) and conveniently scheduled my regular hair appointment for the morning of our shoot so it looked better than usual :)

10 Responses to “Day-in-the-Life Family Photos with Nancy Ray”

  1. Emma

    Love all of these June/Family updates! Congratulations on all of the milestones, especially a successful first xmas! woohoo! I really appreciated your 1 year post, and how every day featured intentional June time. After reading that post, I felt happy and encouraged. Thank you for sharing!


    So glad to hear it, Emma! Yes, we’ve had quite the string of big family moments :)

  2. Victoria B

    Love these! :)

  3. Kelly Strawberry

    She looks so much like you!!!! Love the pictures, especially the Crocs!! Ha!


    I still can’t tell who she looks like!!

  4. I love reading your comments about which ones are your favorites! This makes my heart so happy! And I completely agree about that reading picture with your Dad. I had that very thought while taking the photo!

  5. I love her headband and your sweet family! This was such a good idea!

  6. These are lovely, Emily! It’s so special to visually capture the marvelous moments of day-to-day life. Nancy did a great job! :)

  7. I love these photos of June with her sweet grandparents! How wonderful that it worked out to include them in this adorable shoot!