DIY Friday: Painted Furniture

16 October 2009

One of my most lovely friends, Jackie (a devoted P&P reader since its inception ahem), sent in these equally lovely photos of her bedroom furniture before + after. Jackie had just started her first year of graduate school and moved into her first post-college apartment and was looking for bright and cheery furnishings for her cozy abode. I’m very proud that she took matters into her own hands and then decided to share the DIY results on Peach & Pearl.

The before (minus a few pieces, but you get the idea):

And the after:

Squee!! I love her color choices, and (side note) I LOVE her blue and white shams! Fantastic job, Miss Jackie!

3 Responses to “DIY Friday: Painted Furniture”

  1. Meg

    Loving the turquoise TV stand. It's all so Jackie!

  2. Jackie

    Yay! Thanks for the post! I still have so much decorating to do – it's a never-ending project as I'm sure you know!

  3. Hi-
    Super cute post. Is that a rope bed?