Driftwood Ceremony

17 November 2009

As someone who is currently helping to plan a summer wedding on an island (and someone who is a long-time lover of driftwood), this ceremony focal point immediately caught my eye. Kind of like this one did (upper right).

What do you think — would this be super difficult to put together/transport? (Remember: we’ll be on an island that’s only reachable by boat.)

See more of this lovely wedding, photographed by Corbin Gurkin, here, here, and here on Once Wed. The driftwood piece was put together by Adornments Flowers.

9 Responses to “Driftwood Ceremony”

  1. Meghan


    We've got a lot of driftwood on the island… :) In that sense, you wouldn't have to transport anything!
    It's a LOVELY idea. Would it be on West Shore?


  2. Sidney

    I would definitely try to put it together once you are there…its gorgeous!! You could also incorporate driftwood on the tables at the reception. I just love the use of natural elements.

  3. Kate

    I really want to do this. Anybody know anybody construction-y who might be able to tell us how to put this together?

  4. Lara

    Oh my goodness, remind me to show you pictures of a driftwood wedding tomorrow. You will die. Love this!

  5. Wanda

    Ehem….. I think this is beautiful, and also I am 99.9% that I could make this….. Really! I am not lying… We will talk Emmie, and Kate.

  6. Emily

    Meghan — My thoughts exactly! Of course, the control freak in me immediately started having thoughts of — but what if for some reason there's NO driftwood on the Island when we arrive in August? Completely ridiculous, yes, but still. So my new plan is to scout, collect, and store it somewhere on the Island in our visits earlier in the summer so that by the time we arrive in August for the wedding we only have to assemble.

  7. Emily

    And yes, we're thinking the ceremony would be on West Shore, but I do have another thought that I think would be REALLY COOL that I haven't even told Kate about yet because I have a feeling she'll shoot it down… and I don't want my dreams to be crushed just yet. Not that it's about my dreams. But you get the idea. :)

  8. Emily

    Sidney — YES! I love the idea of driftwood on tables. So organic, beautiful, sculptural, and so easy!

    And Wanda — you know it girl. You could totally rock this.

  9. xoxo, C

    We used driftwood to make our 'altar' as well! My parents dog 'found' the two pieces we used because he was no good with other DIY projects :). We strung tulle between them – it was quick, cheap and easy!