Garlands of love

13 February 2014

It’s easy to do something nice for nearby friends on Valentine’s Day — just make them something sweet! I wanted to do something for my faraway friends, too, but treats don’t travel so well. After a bit of brainstorming, I settled on a longer-lasting project that will hopefully help them feel the love long after Valentine’s Day.


I started with several sets of chipboard letters (3/4″ tall) from AC Moore. I spray-painted them gold, then hot glued them to some thin, vintage ribbon I had in my stash. The completed garlands got washi taped to a simple cardstock rectangle penned in gold sharpie. I already had the kraft boxes on hand, but padded mailers would have worked well, too!


I’m imagining them pinned to a bulletin board or taped to a mirror or refrigerator, but obviously the gals are free to hang them wherever they’d like. Hoping they go over as well as something sugary!

11 Responses to “Garlands of love”

  1. Emily

    You are so thoughtful!! Big fan of your blog. Idea for the marvelous money series — how to plan for kids financially…

  2. So sweet! Stay warm on this snowy NC day!

  3. Kim

    Do I get one?!?! :)

  4. This is adorable Emily! Thank you for sharing such a lovely idea :)

  5. This would make a really cute DIY wedding gift! Thanks for the share :)

  6. Em

    @Kim Check your mailbox :)

  7. Wanda

    As a saw on a florists sign yesterday “zero calories with all the effect.” :)

  8. Kim

    Loved mine! :) xoxo