Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad

27 June 2011

Today is my parents’ thirtieth anniversary. My Dad is funny and smart, and incredibly patient, charming, and diplomatic. My Mom is also funny and smart, and the warmest, most welcoming, and kind person you’ll ever meet. They are two of the most special people I know, and I’m so glad they found each other and decided to have children :) I love you, Mom and Dad!

P.S. Doesn’t my Mom’s wedding dress kind of remind you of Kate Middleton’s?

14 Responses to “Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad”

  1. Meredith Perdue

    This made my morning, Emily- they are even more adorable thirty years later! Happy anniversary to the Ayers!

  2. Kate

    HAHAHA it DOES look like Kate's! That's too funny. I love you, Mom & Dad!

  3. KTW

    Wow. Em, you're basically a clone of your dad thirty years ago! So sweet!

  4. Emily

    Yeah, we have pretty much exactly the same cheeks and nose :)

  5. Yulia

    Those are some adorable wedding pictures!

    (I'm a new reader, btw.. :D)

  6. Beth

    Oh Em, you clever girl!! The things I do for you… learning to scan! Thanks for the lovely sentiments!! I'm glad we found each other too! And the kid part was a great bonus :) Actually, as Dad and I were talking tonight, we both thought 30 years was a long time, but that it didn't seem like a long time!!

  7. linnea paulina

    One hundred percent adorable!!!

  8. Emily

    Haha Linnea, you are probably loving this! :)

  9. Isle of View

    Oh my goodness, you look alot like your dad! And your mom's dress is so pretty, it does have similarities to Kate's

  10. Sarah

    YAY! Congrats! Please tell your mom I'm looking forward to seeing her in a week! And Emily, I'm loving your blog. You have such great ideas :)

  11. Emily

    Thank you so much, Sarah! And have fun this last week!! So excited for you!

  12. Corrie Anne

    Wow. Congratulations. So gorgeous!!!! :)

  13. Megan

    your mom's dress looks SO much like my mom's dress!! (wonder if they were the same-the skirt is identical..and she had a hat. Her bridesmaids had big pink hats–they were so stylin' for their time!) They also just celebrated 30 years! :) uncanny. I used all the lace from her dress in my veil and we're using the rest of it for a baby baptism gown one day down the road. GORGEOUS!!