14 May 2013

craftsman bungalow

Seven months to the day after our first trip to look at houses, and two lenders, three contracts, four offers, and many inspections later, we are officially homeowners. (Or, co-homeowners with the bank, as John likes to say – ha!) I’m working on a post with all of the details, but for now I just wanted to give you a peek at the newest member of our family. We’re pretty excited about all that’s to come!

42 Responses to “Home”

  1. OMG!!!!! It’s SO adorable. I absolutely love it. Congratulations Emily, I know you and John are so excited!!

  2. Congratulations, Em! Your new home is so cute and beautiful!

  3. Hip, Hip, Hooray! So excited for yall!

  4. What an adorable house, congratulations!

  5. Ahh! It is so cute! Congratulations! I know how fantastic the feeling of owning your own home is. :) It makes you feel like you can do anything!

  6. Lindy

    Yay!!!! Gorgeous! Excited for y’all and all the fun family memories you’ll make in that home.

  7. That’s SO exciting! It looks so homey already. Congratulations!

  8. I’m SO happy for you both! I’m pretty sure I cheered out loud when I saw this instagram. This house is GORGEOUS and you two deserve it so much!!! Congratulations and we cannot wait to see it soon!

  9. Congratulations!!!! She’s a beauty!!!

  10. SO CUTE! I love it! Congratulations!

  11. Peggy


  12. Congratulations!! I’m so thrilled for you, and my gosh, the house is darling!

  13. Marissa

    Oh my stars!!! WAY too cute! So happy for you and John!!

  14. Congrats Emily!! House hunting is tedious process (I’m going through it right now!) but the result is so worth it. Can’t wait to see future posts full of details!

  15. This house is amazing!! Congratulations!! We can’t wait to hear more (and see more photos too of course). :)

  16. Mattye

    HOORAY! How exciting! When you wait for the right one, it’s totally worth it! Glad to see that’s true with husbands and houses!

  17. It’s positively perfect!

  18. Kate

    It’s SO CUTE!

  19. I was wildly excited to see yesterday’s instagrams and a day later, I’m still thrilled for you guys! While doing a little yard work this morning, I thought about how much you two are going to enjoy caring for your house and it made me so happy for you both!

  20. So exciting! Congratulations!! I love the front porch!

  21. Jesse R

    Looks beautiful! Congrats!!

  22. Oh my word. SO CUTE! So elegant and welcoming and sweetly southern! Congratulations!!!

  23. Rob

    Looking forward to seeing (and painting) it this weekend!

  24. OH ME OH MY!! Em, it is marvelous.

  25. Kat

    Oh my Em it is the CUTEST!!! Can’t wait to see the inside! Congrats sweet blogging friend :)

  26. Janessa

    So awesome!!! And even though I don’t you know in person (yet? – maybe a Wheaton event!), SO you!!!!

  27. Laurien

    B.E.A.Utiful! I’m very jealous. Ha ha ha. Congrats guys!

  28. Congratulations! What an amazing house! Enjoy that “I feel like a proper adult now” feeling :)

  29. Anna

    Congratulations to you and JT! I hope I can come down and visit soon!! :)

  30. Oh. My. Gosh. SO ADORABLE! So thrilled for you and John!

  31. Could this precious house be any more perfect for y’all?! I can’t wait to see all you do to make it a home! :)

  32. MacKenzie

    Em + John, this is a very adorable house and we are really excited to hear all about it. Oh, definitely can’t wait to see your photos as you get settled! Congrats!

  33. Kara

    Congratulations Emily! The house looks perfect!

  34. it is SO adorable!! it couldn’t be more perfect for you and john. what a beautiful new beginning for you two! congratulations!!!

  35. Congratulations!!! It’s absolutely adorable. Love the porch. Your new home definitely has that southern charm :) Such a blessing!

  36. Peggy

    Where is it? Inquiring NC relatives want to know :-)

  37. wheeee! So excited for you!!:)

  38. so so happy for you two!!!

  39. It is so precious I am hardly stand it. I love all of the curb appeal! Congrats!

  40. Cyn

    Love!!! Congratulations!!

  41. Susan

    See? Dreams DO come true! Good for you guys!

  42. Perfectly charming. Congratulations!