I’m glad you’re here! Survey + giveaway

3 February 2017

Howdy and happy Friday, friends! January was a really fun month for me on Em for Marvelous. We got to talk a lot about some of my favorite things, like goals, marriage, financial freedom, June, and our family’s adventures. Y’all seemed to enjoy these topics, too!

I truly believe that the guiding light for my posts should be what I find most marvelous, because if I’m not passionate about something, then why bother sharing it? That being said, I sincerely treasure every single person who stops by, reads, and joins the conversation, and I love checking in every so often to gather feedback. I have lots of posts planned for the year ahead, but I’d also love to know: What would you like to read about? What would you like to discuss?

If you have a moment, please consider taking the short survey below… I’m so curious, and would love to hear from you! Then, leave a comment below to be entered to win a $50 Airbnb gift card OR a $50 Amazon gift card – your choice. I’ll draw and email a winner next Friday, February 10!

Update! Taryn D. is our lovely winner and has been emailed! Thank you all SO much for sharing feedback with me!

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Thank you in advance, friends! xo

137 Responses to “I’m glad you’re here! Survey + giveaway”

  1. Danielle

    I took the survey- happy to provide feedback!

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    Just took the survey :)

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    I filled out the survey!

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    Survey done! :)

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    Love your blog!

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    I just took the survey! I think it’s great you want to know what brings us and keeps us here. :)

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    Filled it out! Love this blog :)

  10. Just completed your survey! And forever a huge fan of your blog (and you!). See you so soon!!

  11. Ali

    Love your blog,took the survey

  12. Tricia

    I took the survey! Love your blog :)

  13. ez1019

    Grateful for your willingness to consider feedback. Your site is already great, though. THANK YOU!

  14. Michelle

    Completed the survey!

  15. SKB

    Love your blog and taking surveys so clearly I did this! :)

  16. Taylor

    I finished the survey! Love reading!

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    I just took the survey! What a generous giveaway :)

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    Took the survey. :) Love your blog!

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    Happy to fill out a survey on a blog with great content :)

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    New reader here! Happy to provide some help! :)

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    I just completed the survey. Thanks!

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    Just completed the survey! I enjoyed taking a few moments to praise your blog…love it!!!

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    I took the survey – love the blog and glad to help!

  29. Sierra

    took the survey & love your blog :)

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    Survey done! Thanks Emily!

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    Just took the survey!

  32. Kelly

    Love the blog Em!

  33. Taken! Love visiting your blog!

  34. Emily rousseau

    Took the survey! Love your blog, and sweet June is adorable.

  35. Jessica

    Completed the survey! Love your blog so much!

  36. Jennifer

    love this blog! Keep it up :). Survey completed!

  37. Anna Thomas

    Took the survey! Hope it’s helpful to you! :)

  38. Tucker

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  39. Kelly A

    Completed the survey! Love your blog :)

  40. This survey is such a great idea, Emily! I just completed it and am excited to see what marvelous content you come up with next :)

  41. Erin O.

    Thanks for looking for our feedback, Emily! It’ll be fun to see how you use the results. p.s. I also took the survey :)

  42. Emily Bull

    I completed the survey. It’s always a pleasure reading your blog! Here’s to many more posts about your marvelous life!

  43. Caitlin

    Done!! Love following your blog!

  44. Meghann Richardson

    Love the blog! I’ve been reading for about 2.5 years. Happy Friday!

  45. Erin B.

    Just finished the survey! :)

  46. Allyson

    Love reading Em for Marvelous! Took the survey and am eagerly awaiting all that you have in store for 2017!

  47. Maria

    Just completed the survey. One of my favorite corners of the internet!

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    Just completed your survey – excited to see what EFM brings in 2017!

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  57. Divya

    Finished the survey! Love your blog!!

  58. Thanks for your always thoughtful blog, Emily! I took the survey. :)

  59. Love your blog and have been a loyal reader for years! It was interesting to take the survey for a chance to reflect on *why* I’ve remained a reader after giving up on so many other blogs!

  60. Emily

    I’ve been a loyal reader for years and can’t wait for those Triangle guides! My family just moved to the area and we would love to know your family’s favorites.

  61. Sara

    Finished the survey! Love when you post, Em!

  62. Lizzie

    Excited to see more from you.

  63. Mary

    Completed the survey. I like how you included space for us to write out favorite posts and topics we would like to see, instead of just having to pick one option. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  64. Valery

    Completed :) Love the blog and can’t wait to see more!

  65. Sara

    Yay love reading your blog! I took the survey!

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  67. I took the survey! ?

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    often inspired by your blog, keep it up!

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    Completed the survey! I love your blog Emily! Looking forward to the posts in 2017!

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    Just completed the survey – thanks for your thoughtful posts!

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    Happily done! I loved how much you posted in January!

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    I took the survey! And, yes, I also love surveys. :)

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    Just completed the survey. I look forward to reading more great content on your site.

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    Completed, would be interesting to know what you learned!

  90. Just took your survey – love reading your blog, Emily! Thank you for writing!

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    So happy to have taken the survey. Thank YOU!

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  94. I love reading your blog, and am more than happy to provide feedback through the survey! Just completed it. :)

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    Happy to help! Thanks for all you do here! :-)

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    Done! Thanks for the opportunity to share how much I love this space!

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    It seems to be survey season for all my favorite blogs. Happy to provide feedback for one of my original favorite reads!

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    Interested to see if you may post other’s favorite blogs, as I’m always going interested in more to follow!! Survey done!

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    Took the survey because I love coming to read every so often!

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    I have enjoyed following your journey as we seem to be going through the same life events at the same time! Took the survey!

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    Took your survey and also had fun catching up on your blog! xo