June in June: Volume 2

28 August 2017

I have to say, making these little movies is one of the more brilliant ideas I’ve ever had, truly! The way they capture the mundane moments of our life together is already so precious to me, and I know it will only get more so as the years go on. From the way she wears her hair to the way she runs (those swinging arms!!), to her obsession with smelling flowers and picking up as many things as she can at once, it all changes so fast… And though we don’t necessarily need to mourn the passing of time, I do want to remember: her tousled bedhead first thing in the morning, our camping trips with friends, Target runs, dinners in the backyard, evening walks — everything that makes up our ordinary and beautiful life. Here’s a look, if you’d like to see…

P.S. I have been looking forward to using this song in a video since we found out we were having a girl. It didn’t disappoint :)

June in June: 2017 from Emily Thomas on Vimeo.

The password is JUNE.

She’s my best girl :) And John is just the greatest, yes? xo!

P.S. Volume One

19 Responses to “June in June: Volume 2”

  1. Aww! I love this idea! What a precious keepsake for years to come! I love the song you chose, too!

  2. OH MY WORD. That little JUNEBUG!! I can’t handle this video one bit. And the giggles at the end with Milly? Priceless! Well done!!!


    Milly had a starring role, too! Only makes sense for her BFF!

  3. Kristen

    oh my gosh this is a great idea. My little girl is just a few weeks younger than June and it is too funny to watch this and see very similar things that my little one is doing – especially selecting those pouches at Target! Do you use any particular software to put all the clips together?


    Haha yes! Did you like how she was only wearing one shoe in the Target clip?! Ha! We use iMovie, which comes with Macs, to put the clips together!

  4. Em, this is so classic. I love it. I noticed blueberry picking and brushing her own teeth! So big now! the camping footage was so good and especially the little nugget at the end with the two girls in the hammock. I just loved it. Well done and love that song! xo


    High praise, my friend! Even though Philip didn’t have a cameo this year :)

  5. Precious girl!!! This is so, so sweet! We’ve been doing a One Second A Day video for Charlie’s first year and I love it for the same reasons–capturing the tiny little moments that make up our life!


    So fun!! I loved seeing Shay’s One Second A Day last year!

  6. Gillian

    I love this! How in the world did you make it? June is so precious, and I loved the bit of her loading her pouches in the target cart. ?


    That part always makes me crack up, too – lots of good opportunities for comedic timing this year! :)

    As for how we made it – we filmed all of the clips on our iPhones (can you tell mine is newer than John’s?!). We edited them in iMovie, which comes with the Mac suite!


    Thank you for the mac imovie hint! :)

  7. Ashleigh

    Loved this so much!!

  8. Donna

    Emily, you are so creative and it is a joy to see June in action. She has grown so much and it is fun to see her personally come to life through this video.

  9. Mattye

    I love this! Little Miss June is too precious for words. Her little waddle, he expressions of curiosity, and the fearless way she digs into the dirt are some of my favorites! Thanks for sharing the sweetness of your girl with us! xo

  10. Wanda

    June is so freaking cute! That flower smell, the hiking nap, the water on the sidewalk, she’s so fun and curious! Such a great idea ?

  11. Meredith

    Oh, man! I waited until we got home from Vermont so that I could watch this on a bigger screen than my phone and it was SO worth the wait! What a truly amazing yearly tradition and what a sweet, sweet girl! I loved watching this and sincerely hope to eat ice cream alongside June someday. Love, love, love – thanks for sharing, Thomas Family!

  12. Megan

    TOO CUTE! I love that song and have considered it for our 2nd annual movie for LS!! Great minds! Love how she foregoes the spoon and dives right in with her hands. LS does that, too! Hilarious.