Marget + Seth engaged!

28 June 2011

On another personal note, I am so excited that one of John’s sisters is engaged!! Seth asked for Marget’s hand a few weeks back (in Paris!), and the two will be married at the Eolia Mansion at Harkness State Park next summer. We’ve had two planning calls already, and things are starting to take shape. Can you tell I am a little excited for them?!

Two photos above of Harkness (top by Carla Ten Eyck, bottom by Raw Photo Design)

6 Responses to “Marget + Seth engaged!”

  1. Isle of View

    I love the venue…absolutely beautiful!

  2. Marget

    You are the Cutest and we already value your insight and support so much! Thanks for the shout out. Seth was so excited!

  3. Emily

    Haha! I like to keep my (very few) male readers happy :)

  4. Katrina

    So exciting! Marget showed all her friends your blog ages ago… and we all agreed it's oh so adorable! And now she is featured! yay! Going to be such a pretty wedding, especially with your help….I cannot wait.

  5. Beth

    Congratulations to Marget and Seth! We're so thrilled for them both!