Marvelous mondays: wreaths

26 November 2012

Helloooo, friends! It’s good to be back! Let’s kick off the Christmas season with five of my favorite wreaths, shall we? I’ve rounded up wreaths at least once before (here), so I left this one and this one off the list, even though they’re favorites. This one was a runner-up, too.

Handmade Recess | Yvestown Blog | Martha Stewart | unknown | O So D

P.S. Our wreath this year:


2 Responses to “Marvelous mondays: wreaths”

  1. Even though it’s tradition for our family to go “all out” for Christmas, I often yearn for the simplicity of the season. I love the way you use definitively Christmas pieces (like holly) to make powerful but minimal statements!

  2. Shelby

    Love the simplicity! The first one is my absolute favorite, I might have to craft up something similar!