Minted Christmas cards + a giveaway!

6 November 2014

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations to Molly L., commenter number 99!

I love Christmas cards! I love browsing potential designs, I love choosing one, I love writing notes, I love sending them, I love receiving them, and I love displaying them in our home. The whole process is one of my favorite holiday traditions! Like the last two years, we’ll be sending a Minted design, and like the last two years, there are too many good options! So once again, I’m enlisting y’all’s help. Which one is your favorite?


1. Snowy Love and Joy | 2. Very Merry Lettering | 3. Be Merry Pine Branch | 4. Merry Typography | 5. Hap-Happiest Time

Best believe I’m using a photo from Natalie + Joe’s wedding, courtesy of Meredith Perdue! We don’t look this good too often :)

Minted’s editing software is seriously sophisticated – I love that you can adjust your photo and the design elements so easily. Their foil-pressed options are also amazing, but I think the real star this year is their new envelope addressing! The envelope designs coordinate with the card designs, and they offer recipient addressing for free!! I love doing my envelopes in calligraphy, but the designs are ridiculously cute…

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.27.25 PM

Now for the extra-fun part: I have a $250 Minted gift certificate to give away!! To enter, just comment below with either your favorite option from our Christmas card finalists, or the Minted design you’d most like to order for your family! (Or both!) I’ll randomly choose a winner next Friday!

P.S. Yes, our newsletter will be back! I’ve gotten many emails about this, so I wanted to say it here: I’m opening up three spots to design similar newsletters! $100 for a ready-to-print file, customized with your family’s stats and news. Email me at em (at) to reserve your spot or ask more questions!


Minted has graciously gifted us our Christmas cards, but I chose to write this post, and the opinions are my own! I have loved everything about Minted — especially their crowd-sourced designs — for many years, and I love sharing what they’re up to with y’all.

139 Responses to “Minted Christmas cards + a giveaway!”

  1. Andrea

    I love number 4, “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and your photo is beautiful! What an amazing giveaway! I love sending out our family cards each year. I have never used Minted but really want to this year since they offer the free envelope addressing. What a time saver!!

  2. Anna Frahm

    definitely #1 – and your picture exudes both love & joy! so perfect! I would probably choose #1 or #3 for myself

  3. Kate

    I also like #1 the best!

  4. Brooke

    I like #1, too! They’re all beautiful, though!

  5. Katie C

    I like the Be Merry the best! I must say this pic of you and john is pretty fantastic!

  6. Is it weird if voting on the Thomas family Christmas card is a Christmas tradition I look forward to? :) Love #1!!

  7. I love #1! But, I also love #4 because the message is sweet, and the background color coordinates so well with your dress. Thank you for sharing your Christmas card options with us every year, Em!

  8. Ashley

    #1 all the way! It fits with your photo beautifully!

  9. megan

    Love number 1!

  10. anna

    number #1 looks so great!

  11. Laura

    I think 1 is my favorite, but 4 is a good option too.

  12. Hales

    I absolutely adore #1. Such a wonderful picture and dress! Christmas card perfection :)

  13. Kyra B

    I love the love & joy. Beautiful photo too!

  14. Meg

    #1 and #3 are my favorites!

  15. The first option is my very favorite, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these! Minted is the best. And I adore this beautiful picture of you two!!

  16. Jessica

    I love #1!! I like how the love and joy fills the negative space at the top! Also, your newsletter is awesome! Such a great idea to send out!!

  17. Alexandra W.

    I love #4 the Merry Typography.

  18. Ummm, #1 is absolutely perfect! It almost looks like it’s snowing!! And I agree with Lisa, I love getting to vote on the annual Thomas family Christmas card. Yay! Also, swooning over all the lovely other options from Minted.

  19. I like #2 the best!!

  20. Meredith

    #1 is my favorite as well! Followed by #4. All are great options though!

  21. Sophie

    #1 is my favorite!

  22. Meg

    I’m torn between number 1 and number 5. I noticed the addressing they are offering this year and just about jumped out of my chair…what a time saver that will be!

  23. Amelia

    #2 is my favorite!

  24. they are all adorable but your faces say LOVE & JOY so that’s my pick. j :)

  25. Melanie

    I love #1!

    I think we’ll be using “Sentiment Stack” in the seafoam color option–it works perfectly with the seafoam trim from a building in our engagement photos!

    Thanks for introducing me to Minted! I’ve also designed our save-the-dates there, and I love them! :-)

  26. Natalie


    I laughed out loud when I read this post–“best believe” is perfect phrasing! The picture is wonderful and as a result, I agree with the majority and think you should go for #1, but if not #1, then 4 or 5 to prevent your beautiful selves from being obscured!

  27. RachelM

    Love love love #1!

  28. Love the third ‘be merry’ option :) Although really, you can’t go wrong with any of them haha

  29. Gretchen

    #1 is adorable!

  30. Dori

    I love your first option! Beautiful photo!

  31. Stacey Roberson

    #4 is my favorite. I would probably choose the block of joy holiday photo cards.

  32. Stephanie

    I like option #1 the best!

  33. #1 & #2 are both so wonderful I don’t know how I would pick! I always love looking at the different Christmas card ideas and these are fantastic! and so is that Christmas newsletter!!

  34. Tara M.

    I really love option #1!

  35. Betty B.

    I love the destination luggage tag holiday photo cards

  36. Kelly

    These newsletters are the cutest thing I ever did see!!! What a fun way to send updates to loved ones. As for your Christmas card, definitely #1! Its such a classic, beautiful photo and the “snowy” design is so delicate for the upcoming winter months.

  37. Brittany

    I personally love option #1, the “Love and Joy”. Classic and beautiful!

  38. Emily

    I love #1 the best!

  39. Kelly

    The first option is beautiful and suits the season!

  40. Alyssa S

    I love #4! That design has been on the top of my list for a few years now.

  41. Ana

    Love the first option! The snowy effect looks adorable :)

  42. Lindy

    1 or 4!!! But all are great!!

  43. Sutton

    i love #4, we sent those out in red last year

  44. Kelly D

    I like the Be Merry card #3

  45. What a beautiful picture of you two! I really like #3. For my own, I would like Glaze or Art Deco Pines. Minted has so many great options. Every year I swear I’m going to send out really cute holiday cards and every year I miss my chance and end up with something really basic and last-minute. Fingers crossed 2014 will be the one when I finally get it together!

  46. Cassandra

    Love #2. Will be using minted again this year for our cards!

  47. Loooooooove this photo! (And good minds think alike — we’ve been thinking about using a photo from Natalie’s wedding, too!). I like #1 the best. Love how the dots look like snow.

  48. Honestly how will you decide?! They are all fabulous. I’m leaning towards #1 though. I really want to order the Winter Brush Christmas cards for my family :)

  49. Caitlin

    I really like #1!

  50. s.w.

    I like the wreck the walls gift card

  51. No wonder you’re having a hard time choosing–they’re all so wonderful! I think 4 is my favorite though. What a lovely pic of you two!

  52. Samantha

    I love option 1 – it jumped out at me and stuck! You two look radiant! xoxo

  53. Elisa

    I like your #3, and I like Instant Film for my family. Thanks : )

  54. Rachel

    Love option #1! They’re all so great though!!! Would love this gift card!

  55. Option #4 is too cute! That’s got to be my favorite!

  56. KARA

    #1 is my absolute favorite! For my family, I think I am going to go with the Hand-Painted Branches Christmas Photo Card with a photo from my mom’s wedding in Hilton Head this summer. Nothing beats a professional picture when you are all dressed up!

  57. Melissa

    I love options #1 and #2! My husband and I are spending our first Christmas apart since he is deployed in Afghanistan this year, but I still look forward to designing a Christmas card online with him. All of these options are pretty!! I don’t think you can go wrong. :)

  58. Dana

    My vote goes to #1, too! I used Minted for our cards last year and was thrilled.

  59. Jamie

    Gorgeous! I love Minted so much. My vote is #1!

  60. Wanda

    I love number 1!!! What a beautiful picture (I love your dress)!

  61. Danielle

    Fantastic photo! I love option one!

  62. Ahh this just got me so excited for the season! #1 is my favorite option because — well, isn’t love and joy what it’s all about? that card is classy with a touch of fun too! we’re expecting our first little baby this thanksgiving, and i can’t imagine a better thing to receive as a gift than our first set of holiday cards as a family! i love the tradition as much as you do. i am so looking forward to sending cards with a family photo out as soon as he pops out ;) thanks for the chance!

  63. Cait T.

    I’m loving “Snowy Love & Joy!” It really showcases the photo, and pulls in the beauty of the season with the snow!

  64. Not to sound like a broken record, but #1 gets my vote, too!

  65. Whitney

    I really like option one! We are sending out the Pure Happy Christmas photo card this year with one of our wedding pictures on it!

  66. Laura M.

    I adore #1! Minted cards are my absolute favorite. We ordered our first ones two years ago after discovering Minted through you, and now I could never order our cards from anyone else!

  67. Laura H

    I think option one works perfectly with your lovely photo. We’re off to take our card pictures this weekend!

  68. I’m torn between #1 and #3…love them all but those are my favs! Love Minted!

  69. Ann

    Definitely Snowy Love & Joy! You all look beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  70. Alexandra

    Love, love, love option #1! It’s perfection!

  71. Kate R.

    I love option 1, but also love #5. You can’t go wring with Minted!

  72. Kara

    #1 is my favorite! I’ll probably use something similar for my cards.

  73. YES! One of my favorite parts of the year! #1 is my favorite for sure, but it’s hard to make you guys NOT look good! :) Can’t wait to see which one you choose!

  74. Amanda Shaver

    Option 2 is my favorite! :)

  75. Sarah

    I like #2!!!

  76. #1 is so beautiful, it’s my favorite for sure.

  77. Michelle

    #4 is gorgeous!

  78. Julie Nguyen

    #1 is is my fave! It compliments the beautiful picture you chose so well!

  79. Kelly

    #1 is my fave

  80. Elizabeth

    Joining the chorus of praise for number one! You look like you’re in your own little snow globe!

  81. I love number 5 the best. Is it weird that I wish I were on your Christmas card mailing list? Ha ha!

  82. Megan Mattix

    I love the snowy love and joy!

  83. Courtney Krug

    I love #1 or #3! Minted has great options so you really can’t go wrong!

  84. Kate F.

    I actually love design #1 for you and me both!! It would fit perfectly with the picture I have in my head.. that we have yet to take ;)

  85. #1 is my favorite. The fact that it’s mostly photo instead of text means that people will keep it longer, in my humble opinion! :)

  86. Lindsay

    Option number one is so classic and simple. I love that there’s not a lot of words or busy graphics.

  87. Kristy

    I really like #1:)

  88. Kelli G

    I love the Classic Merry option for myself, and #4 option looks marvelous, I think I just can’t resist foil-pressed stationary, it’s too beautiful

  89. Amanda Boser

    I love the very merry lettering!!

  90. Dandi D

    My favorite of all your options is #1. I would love to order some for my family!

  91. Carrie

    Snowy love and joy is my favorite. The photo of you two is stunning!

  92. victoria m

    What an awesome newsletter. My favorite option for the card is #1 – simply beautiful! xo

  93. Anne N

    I love option #1

  94. rachel

    They’re all really pretty but #4 or #5 are my faves!

  95. Matt

    I would go with #4

  96. Elizabeth

    I love 1 AND 2…. You guys looks great!

  97. I love #1 and #3! The picture you’ve chosen is stunning! This is me and my husband’s first married Christmas and I’m in love with so many of Minted’s newlywed christmas cards!

  98. Jesse R.

    I love #1! And what a great photo! :)

  99. Carrie M.

    Love #1 and the return addresses are adorable!

  100. Julie

    #4 gets my vote!

  101. Beth R

    My favorite is number 3 I think. I love the Wreck the Halls for my boys!

  102. D Schmidt

    My favorite Minted design is definitely holly jolly wishes holiday photo cards

  103. So much to love about this post! It’s a tough, almost impossible choice, but number two is my favorite! Also, I’m so happy to hear that you’re offering your newsletter design skills to a few lucky families this year – your newsletter is the best of the best! Yay!

  104. Laurie

    Love and Joy… love all those dots

  105. I love the Very Merry one! You guys look great!

  106. Cassie

    All are beautiful choices but I like #2 best!

  107. Erin B

    I love #1! Super cute! Minted is the greatest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. All are so pretty, but I love #1. The dots make it look like snow is falling and adds a cute touch!

  109. Gosh, so hard to choose! I love 3 and 4…I don’t think I can pick. LOVE Minted’s design and the envelope addressing, heaven!

  110. I vote for #1! Gotta love the snow! Also love your newsletter!

  111. Raquel

    I love option 2! lovely photo!

  112. sarah

    #4 is definitely my favorite.

    and I LOVE your newsletter idea– so cute!

  113. tatiana

    I like the Hap-Happiest time!

  114. Laura C

    I like #1 or 3 the best!

  115. Kristen

    My favorite choice is #1

  116. jess

    I really like number 3 – keeps the focus on your gorgeous dress :)

  117. Bill

    The first one is my favorite

  118. Gary

    #3 looks good

  119. Anne

    I love Option #1 – Love and Joy – because that’s exactly what your picture displays!

  120. Casey H

    I like your Merry Topography Card. And for us I’d choose either Oh Holy Night Sky or Angels Sing- loving their foiled cards!

  121. Ashley b

    Love and joy is PERFECT! What a great photo of you two!

    I love browsing minted! Their foil pressed collection is gorgeous!!

  122. Celeste

    Option #1 is my favorite!

  123. I like the first option, but I just ADORE the photo of y’all. Such a great one!!

  124. Rob

    So glad I decided I like #1 BEFORE I looked at all the comments! All good choices, but there’s certainly a pretty strong consensus. Of course, pick what YOU want!

  125. Melissa M

    I like the wreck the halls holiday photo cards.

  126. Christina

    Love #5!!!

  127. Allison

    #1 is my favorite

  128. Alina Hahn

    I like option number 1 but they are all great!

  129. No. One all the way! It perfectly fits the charming photo of you and John.