Minted Christmas Cards + A Giveaway!

7 November 2016

Updated: Kate is our winner and has been emailed! Thank y’all so much for participating! :)

I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before that I have a strict moratorium on almost all things Christmas before Thanksgiving. There are two exceptions. First, I will shop for Christmas gifts early (can’t miss out on Black Friday!). And second, I always make sure our Christmas cards are ordered before Thanksgiving. And our cards always come from Minted! Want to help me choose which one we’ll send this year?


1. Charming Gingham | 2. His Wondrous Love | 3. Joy to the World the Love is Come | 4. Angels Sing | 5. Bright New Life

It’s killing me, because they are SO CUTE, but we will likely be using a photo from our upcoming session with Nancy, not our newborn photos with Graham, for our card. I’m sure the new photos will be cute, too, but BABY JUNE!! Killing me.

Speaking of killing it, Minted’s card designs are as delightful as ever. This year, I was really drawn to all the Christmas carol designs, including this one, this one, this one, and this one in addition to the ones above. The great thing is that with their sophisticated design software, you can easily adjust your photo as well as the placement of text elements, fonts, colors, and sizing. (But, a tip: if you’re taking a photo specifically for your card, try to choose a favorite design before your session, so that you can coordinate your outfits and poses accordingly!) Minted also offers the most darling envelopes, shiny foil designs, free addressing, extra-thick stock, and custom card shapes – whew.

Now for the extra-fun part: I have a $150 Minted gift certificate to give away!! To enter, just comment below with either your favorite option from our Christmas card finalists, or the Minted design you’d most like to order for your family! (Or both!) I’ll randomly choose a winner next Monday! If you’re ready to get started, you can use code CHEER for 15% off orders. (Or just take a peek at their site whenever you’re ready to order – they almost always have a discount code!)

Minted has graciously gifted us our Christmas cards, but I chose to write this post, and the opinions are my own! I have loved everything about Minted — especially their crowd-sourced designs — for many years, and I love sharing what they’re up to with y’all.

121 Responses to “Minted Christmas Cards + A Giveaway!”

  1. Alicia

    All options are beautiful, option 3 is my favorite!

  2. Laura C

    I like #1 or #5, but I really like ones with the whole family!

  3. Melissa

    I like #2 and #4 best!

  4. Rachel

    I love the charming gingham design!!

  5. I LOVE the carols but the gingham is too cute!! So hard!! I think it will all depend on what your favorite photo looks like! :)

  6. Katherine

    I love #3 & #4. I always use Minted for
    my Christmas cards. They are beautiful but it hard to pick just one!!!

  7. The first one SCREAMS “Em”! But seriously, all of your options are perfect!!

  8. Beautiful picks! I think I like #2 best. :)

  9. Number 4 is definitely my favorite!!

  10. Melanie

    I like #1 the best! Can’t wait to see what it would look like with your new family photo in it. :-)

  11. #2 or #3!! :) June was SO tiny!!!

  12. Alexandra Patterson

    I love option 4! It’s such a festive design and brings it back to the reason for the season.
    I really like the cup of cheer ones for myself:

  13. Whitley

    I LOVE #1 and #4 for your cute family! Can’t wait to see the pictures from the upcoming session :)

  14. Megan Clifton

    I love #1 and #4! Love Minted designs!

  15. Anna

    #1 or #3.

    My husband loves Christmas cards and eta very into the process! We also both write notes on each of have to get an early start!

  16. Megan

    You can’t go wrong, of course, but I love #2! My, the wonders of His love. :)

  17. Victoria B

    I love #1, but since you are really digging the carol ones this year, I also really love #4. I think it depends on what your family photo ends up looking like and if it is portrait or horizontal. :)

  18. Sara

    I vote for #1 – the gingham is so precious!

  19. Meg

    Number 3 and Number 4 are a complete tie for me!

  20. Ashley

    I love #4!

  21. Y’all are just too cute! I feel like #1 with the gingham is right up your alley, but they are all lovely!

  22. Claire

    I love Minted and their cards! We used them for our wedding invites and will definitely check them out for holiday cards. I really like #4!

  23. Abby

    LOVE #1 with the gingham!

    Hoping to get a good picture of me and the hubs for our Christmas card this year at the #V9LaunchParty! We rarely have picture taken of just us that aren’t a selfie!

  24. Kate R.

    I love #2 & #4, but man oh man they’re all so beautiful! I think there might be a tough choice ahead ;)

  25. SKB

    I love number 4 and number 5! So many great designs!

  26. Anna Thomas

    I love the # 2 option–so cute with the 2 of you looking at baby June!! :) I LOVE minted for holiday cards! They are the best. I’ve been eyeing this one: “Let your heart be light” LOVE that!

  27. Kate

    1! 1! 1! 1! I ordered mine last week and that design was a contender. I ended up falling in love with a Tinyprints design that matched my family’s outfits this year. Number 1 also seems so southern and very ‘you’.

  28. Kerri

    I love number 1!

  29. Emily

    Number 1 is perfection! Love the buffalo check and pine sprig!

  30. Y’all have some adorable options but my faves are #1 & #4 :)

  31. RachelM

    Love #4 but can’t wait to see your options updated with new pictures. I’ve been agonizing between a couple of Minted’a gorgeous designs too!

  32. Lauren

    number one for sure! that gingham is just too good to pass up!

  33. Alyssa S

    I love #4! You can see the joy on everyone’s face!

  34. Ellen Champagne

    I love #4, so sweet!

  35. Kelly Strawberry

    I think #4 is my favorite :)

  36. Morgan Brown

    I love #2 and #5! Baby June is too precious!!

  37. Ann

    I vote for #1!! Beautiful!!

  38. Alex

    #1 is so sweet. June is adorable!

  39. Elizabeth

    #1 is my favorite!

  40. Elise

    They’re all beautiful, but I’m loving #3 especially! Such a beautiful family :)

  41. Sophie

    #2 is my favorite!

  42. Allyson

    It’s harder to choose without knowing the exact photo, but I like
    #2 for its flexibility!

  43. Caroline

    #4 is my favorite although #1 is close behind – might have to use the gingham myself!

  44. Sarah

    I love #1 and #3, depending on the photo you choose!! I love Minted! The combination of paper quality and great design simply can’t be beat at that price point! June really is an exceptionally cute newborn!!

  45. Casey H

    #4 is my favorite!

  46. Bethany

    I really like #1!

  47. Katelin

    Number one is my favourite!

  48. Emily Rousseau

    Number 5 is so sweet!

  49. Elisa

    2 & 3 are amazing … probably #2. Can’t resist the smile and adoring parents. Thanks!

  50. Katie B.

    I love them all!!! I think “Joy to the World” is my favorite :) June is so precious!

  51. Meg

    I love the Joy to the World! With the “Merry” as a close second :)

  52. Meg W.

    I like 2 and 3 the most!! So many good options!

  53. Kat

    I love them all!! But #2 is my favorite. Hard to say without seeing the final image though! Cute as always.

  54. I love #1! So classic and definitely your style :)

  55. #4 is my favorite pick! The composition of the photo is great and the whole card is just heartwarming :)

  56. Kristy B

    Loooove Option 1 :)

  57. Laura M.

    These are all so sweet!! I love all of these Christmas carol options, but I think you can’t beat option 1. The soft green gingham feels festive, charming, and subtly sophisticated – very you. :)

  58. Kelly

    #4! So sweet.

  59. Janessa

    # 4 – Seems like something you would do in calligraphy – but also #1 is simple and sweet.

  60. Katie C

    Baby June is the cutest. Joy to the World gets my vote!

  61. Laura

    Oh gosh, #3 is just too good not to use. Joy to the world is right!!! I love Minted and winning would be a wonderful start to the holiday season!

  62. Cassandra

    I love option 1.:)

  63. Jessica

    Love number 4!! So adorable!

  64. Erin

    I love #1 and #4!

  65. Michelle Willauer

    I love #2- what a sweet sentiment for the year you became a family of three!

  66. Meghan

    Oh my goodness #1, the charming gingham is my fav!

  67. I think option #1 is my favorite!

  68. Tori

    Ohh this is tough but I’d say #1 and #4 are my favorites. I think it’s so sweet when the entire family is in the card together!

  69. I vote #1 or #4! These are all so lovely, Emily! :)

  70. Hales

    I look forward to your Christmas card post every year. #1 is my favorite!

  71. Wanda

    I vote #3 or #5, but they all are lovely! What cute pictures too!!!! I can’t believe how tiny she used to be :)

  72. Sarah

    The Gingham, for sure!!! So so cute.

  73. Whitney

    LOVE #1! Gingham is having a serious moment right now, and that card is just too cute to pass up!

  74. Diana

    So precious! I love #3, but like the other comments mention – you can’t really go wrong!

  75. jessica orlando

    I love Bright New Life!

  76. Nicole

    I love option #2!

  77. Holly

    I love the 1st one, green checks. I love checks!

  78. Gillian

    4 is my favorite, everything about it

  79. Kelly

    I think option #4 is precious! Thank you for the opportunity to win. :)

  80. Mona

    I always love your Christmas card posts!! They’re all super cute, but I’d vote for #1 :)

  81. Maureen

    #4 for sure! :)

  82. kayla

    love them all! all the heart eye emojis, but i think #1 is my fave!

  83. Kelly D

    I like card #4 the most.

  84. Caroline

    I like the gingham! So sweet :)

  85. Shannon

    I vote for option #1!

  86. Miranda

    Love, love, love #4!!! One of my to favorite Christmas hymns!

  87. Kara Manzelli

    Number 4 is my favorite! Great picture!

  88. Erin B.

    Option #1 is my favorite of your choices (although they are all great!). I might use that for our cards this year too! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  89. I love the first one! But I agree, the carol ones are darling, too!!

  90. Brianna Palos

    #1 and #3 are my favorite, but all are lovely! I think this year I am going to go for a hymn theme for my Christmas cards. As always, Minted has great options and I am sure I’ll find the perfect design!

  91. Cassie

    #4 but they are all so cute!

  92. Lindy

    I like the design of #1 or #4 best… And I know you said you wouldn’t be using these photos but that photo in #4 is seriously adorable!!

  93. Laura

    I like #2, but for us, I would probably change the color of the writing to red. (We’re an NC State family, so we like to incorporate as much red in our lives as possible.) Love that Minted allows you to make changes like that!

  94. Amy

    Hi! I like option 2 and agree with the previous comment that red lettering would look great!

  95. Susanna

    I like #4 best!

  96. They are all beautiful, but #1 is my favorite!!

  97. BarbaraMae

    I like option #1. His little smile is so cute in that photo and I like the simple pattern at the top of the card.

  98. Danielle

    #4 is beautiful!

  99. Ashley Milheim

    I love #3! Baby June is all the heart eyes ?

  100. Kelly

    Love number one!

  101. Lindsey

    My husband & I just got married this year, so I’m swooning over the newlywed Christmas cards!! “Blissful Christmas” is lovely.

  102. Erica Mobley

    Love the gingham! Might have to consider this one myself :)

  103. Meghann Richardson

    I love option 2 and 4 (one of my favorite Christmas songs!) I’m sure whatever you decide to go with will be lovely.

  104. Her face in 1 and 2 is too precious for words! That being said, YOUR face in 4 makes it my all-time favorite. I know you said you’re probably going to use a photo from the new session, but still…so sweet! Design-wise, 1 and 2 are my faves. 1 looks very you. :) xoxo!

  105. Kate

    I love option 1! It’s so clean and simple, and seems to fit your general aesthetic well :). I’m looking forward to choosing our own Minted Christmas card this month! I’ve got a couple of photos in mind, and will have to see which one matches our favorite design.

  106. Mackenzie

    I love number one!! We had our first baby in June this past year and are so excited about sending out our first Christmas cards as a family of three!

  107. Sarah r

    Love the joy to the world the love is come one!!!

  108. Laura

    I love voting for your Christmas card every year! Number 2 is my favorite!

  109. Dori

    They are all so cute! I vote #2.

  110. Tia D

    Option 3. I just love how “Joy to the World” embodies the season and the magic of a child’s first Christmas. :-)

  111. lisa

    I love #1! That buffalo check has me all heart eyes!

  112. Elisabeth

    Love the gingham in #1!

  113. I love #3! Minted makes the best Christmas cards!!

  114. miranda

    I vote for #1!

  115. gary

    Love the second design

  116. bill

    The first one is really nice

  117. Clara

    I like the simplicity of option 1!