Minted Christmas cards + a giveaway!

4 November 2013

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! Congratulations to our randomly-selected winner, RachelC!

Y’all know I’m the last person to breeze right past Thanksgiving on the way to Christmas (I believe my opinions on appropriate holiday music start times are well-documented). However, it is definitely true that preparing in advance makes the season itself so much more enjoyable… which is why Christmas cards have been on my mind! I LOVED sending out our first photo cards last year, and am looking forward to doing so again. Sadly, I don’t think it’s socially acceptable to use another wedding photo, so 2013 will have a hard time beating 2012. But I’m willing to give it a try! We are of course using Minted again, and here are the top five designs we’re considering:


We’re still deciding on a photo, but big thanks to our friends Graham and Meredith for these happy options!

1. Hand-Painted Branches | 2. Merry Scriptmas | 3. A Wonderful Life | 4. Merry and Bright Script | 5. Classic Merry

As usual, I’m loving the script and hand-lettered options! This year, I especially appreciated the ability to move almost every design element around in Minted’s software — it was so helpful when working with our photos. They also have some amazing foil-pressed options (I love this one, but it wasn’t a good fit with our photos) and lots of die-cut shapes.

Now for the extra-fun part: I have a $200 Minted gift certificate to give away!! To enter, just comment below with either your favorite option from our Christmas card finalists, or the Minted design you’d most like to order for your family! (Or both!) I’ll randomly choose a winner next Monday!

Minted has graciously gifted us our Christmas cards, but I chose to write this post, and the opinions are my own! I have loved everything about Minted — especially their crowd-sourced designs — for many years, and I love sharing what they’re up to with y’all.

104 Responses to “Minted Christmas cards + a giveaway!”

  1. Meg

    I love Minted’s cards, I use them every year as well! I’m torn between the “Joy” hand painted branches and the “Merry Scriptmas.” We are also in the first year of a non-wedding photo Christmas card, so it’s great to have some advice on how to do that!

  2. I love Minted! I already ordered our Christmas cards from them and they are gorgeous! I love number 2 the best. It’s simple, effective, and beautiful!

  3. Lindy

    I love Minted!!! Of your choices, I am torn between #1 and #4. I love that “joy” font and think it looks great on your photo, but I also like when photos and text are separated like on #4. Can’t go wrong with any of them though!

  4. Hi Em! I love 3 + 4, and I also love the photo of you and John. I’m not ordering Christmas cards, but I design calendars for my parents filled with favorite photos of moments captured throughout the year. I’ve been ordering them from Minted for the past couple years, and I will definitely be ordering from them again this year. Such a fun post!

  5. Alexandra

    I’m loving option #5 Classic Merry. The gold script font and close up photo is perfection!!

  6. RachelC

    These are adorable but I would have to vote for #4. So festive and fun!

  7. Laura

    I love the “Joy” card! Great photos!

  8. Jennifer

    I LOVE option no. 2!!! Beautiful and simple! But you really can’t go wrong with any of the options!

  9. Kelley

    This giveaway makes me happy! I would actually choose save the date postcards. I took my engagement pictures yesterday and have been stalking minted to decide which save the dates to order! I’m thinking the Prescott cards :)

  10. Tia

    I like 1 and 4.

    1 is great because the picture of the two of you exudes purely Joy- which is so appropriate for the season.

    Number 4 is great because I am a total sucker for b&w photos and I love the seasonal greeting in gold. Beautiful.

    Minted is a great site- I have personal calling cards from them and I love handing them out. Hoping to use them this year for our first Christmas cards as a family of 3. :-)

  11. Audrey

    What a fantastic giveaway!! My favorite is number 5! I love the gold script!

  12. Minted cards are my absolute favorite. I love #1 and the simple “joy,” but I wish there was a place for you to put your name and the date. Since there isn’t, i’d have to go with #3. I like how the white contrasts again the background colors of your photo.

    I’m having the same issue with out Christmas card too!

  13. Laura Renstrom

    I love the Merry Scriptmas design! I’ve been considering that one as I prepare to send out my first Christmas card as a married couple!!

  14. I love Minted! My vote is #4 or #5 for you. We’d love to send Christmas cards that showcase the fact that we’ve bought our first home – Minted has so many great options!

  15. Kate W

    I just got married this year and have been toying with te idea of using my wedding photos in a Christmas card and am SO glad you made this post. I am loving Its a Wonderful Life card. I think the sentiment would be perfection over our wedding photo. What a perfect way to sum up 2013 for us!

  16. I love Minted and have gotten our cards from there the last two years. I love #2! That’s the one I’ve been eyeing for our card this year…. just gotta get the right picture. :)

  17. Whitley

    Loving #1 and #5! Adore these Minted cards-as always!

  18. I adore Minted cards, too – so many of their Christmas options are timeless yet stylish. I like the first option best for you all – the clothing colors/patterns really shine, and the Joy garland reminds me of your wedding invitations! But you really can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous options, of course.

  19. Jesse

    I love #4!

    I think the Merry & Bright script & message is perfect and I like the B&W photo to let the text stand out and to “cool” down the photo for the winter season. (This is coming from a New Englander though!)

  20. I vote #2! I need to start looking for Christmas card designs, so thanks for posting.

  21. sarah

    Love selection number 5! They’re all great, but that is my favorite!

  22. Rebecca

    I laughed out loud when I saw this post – I was perusing Minted’s holiday cards this morning and sent the template for #1 to our wedding photographer to find a photo that would fit well with that design, so my vote is definitely for the hand-painted branches! :) I love, love Minted and also love that one can tinker with the designs.

  23. Emmascott

    Adorable! I love # 1 & #2!

  24. Ann

    I like the top one with the word “Joy!” Simple and beautiful!! And I love your picture :)

  25. Wehaf

    I love number 4 – the black and white makes it look more classic, I think.

  26. Love the design of number 2 {I’m a sucker for hand lettering too!}, and the black and white photo on number 4! So excited to be doing our first Christmas cards this year and would love to order them from Minted!

  27. I always love your Minted posts! My favorites are 1 and 5. I love the pop and the vertical image of “Hand Painted Branches,” but I can never stay no to gold and script font like in “Classic Merry”

    I love the image choice! Are y’all going to do another year in review this year??

  28. Kathryn

    I love both 4 and 5!!!

  29. Anna

    I love the black and white #4…cozy for the holiday season!

  30. I love number 1, the Joy one! It’s beautiful!

  31. Jessica K

    Number 4 and 5!!

  32. Janessa

    Love # 5! :)

  33. Laura

    I love the design of #3, but I also really live the picture in B&W on #4. Can’t wait to choose my Minted Christmas cards again this year!

  34. I literally just ordered our Christmas card from Minted, but I just had to say how uncanny it is that for the past two years we have picked the same designs as options for our cards! I love your blog and have followed it since 2011…I think you’re rubbing off on me;) Thank you for your constant inspiration! I’m a fan of numbers 1 and 3. Happy Holidays!

  35. Leslie

    I was just looking at Minted options last night for our holiday cards.

    I like #4 the best.

  36. Meg

    Love Minted cards and the fact that you can upload your picture later if you don’t have it when you are ready to purchase!
    My vote is number 5!

  37. Wanda

    I think the text in #1 is my favorite, but I really like the image of you two in #’s 4/5 the most. However, you can’t really go wrong because they are all pretty adorable :)

  38. Samantha

    You guys are the cutest. I really like number 1 because I think “joy” is perfect for the two of you. I also agree with a few other comments that number 4 is wonderful design. We are hoping to combine our baby birth announcement (!) and Christmas card this year – we would love to splurge on a foil option (the Twinkle Twinkle is my favorite) but I love so many of their cards! xoxo

  39. Megan

    I love The Wonderful Life option, I think it’s perfect for celebrating hour first year of marriage.

  40. Cassie B

    #3! :-) I voted for the same wording last year. I think it really embodies the holidays.

  41. Whitney G.

    I LOVE #2. I like how crisp the white looks against the green leaves. Such a cute card! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  42. Kate E.

    I love love love #3, but i don’t think there is a bad one in the bunch!

  43. Emily R

    I like option #2 best, it’s classic!

  44. Rob

    Can’t pick, they all look good!

  45. Cassandra

    I love A WONDERFUL LIFE–we may use this one for ourselves this year, capping off our first year of marriage.

  46. marisa

    I love #2 & #5!

  47. Oh, you guys are too cute! If you want to pretend that you own a spastic black lab, I can send along another photo for an option #5 :)

  48. All great options, but #5 is my fave! I’d love to choose one of my own!

  49. Jennifer

    I vote for option # 2! I love it :)

  50. Ashley

    I love #2! We ordered our wedding stationary from minted last year and I’m so excited to send out our first joint, married Christmas card this season!

  51. Suzanne

    Love Minted! We ordered both birth announcements and Christmas Cards from them over the last few years. :o) My vote is for #5. Our family is pondering the Joyful Script Christmas Card (except with the phrase “Oh What Fun”) this time!

  52. Kristin

    Gracious alive, mercy and good gravy — y’all are precious. Seems like the masses are all in favor of a different option. After all — two cute people and a precious message, how can you go wrong? For what it’s worth, I love #1. Love the simplicity and the texture of the text. And yes, I do love a good Minted Christmas card ;)

  53. Kara

    I like #2 Merry Scriptmas. I may have to use that for our card!

  54. I love minted! My favorite is #2. The photo is so sweet!

  55. kay s

    I love the Merry Scriptmas card you made!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  56. Cait T.

    You can’t go wrong with Classic Merry!!

  57. tatiana

    I love option 2!

  58. Kristin

    I love options #1 and 5 – simple and elegant – but really any of them are great!

  59. Elisa Gruss

    I like #3 the best. I think it fits your photo and looks lovely.

  60. Nicole

    Love Number 4 from your list! I’ve been looking at Minted for my own Christmas Cards but there’s so many to choose from I can’t decide yet!

  61. Danielle

    Such great options! I am partial to #5!

  62. I really love Option 5, however Minted cards are awesome all around!

  63. Erin

    LOVE the black and white picture with the gold “May your days be merry and bright” – Classic and beautiful all at the same time :)

  64. caroline

    LOVE the Christmas card options from Minted this year! Working on picking out ours, too. Favorites are 1 & 2.

  65. Alexa

    I love option #4! So many of the minted christmas cards are wonderful!

  66. Alex S

    I adore the Hand-Painted Branches and Merry Scriptmas! I absolutely love Minted and I am currently contemplating using the purchase-now-upload-photo-later option as a gift for a friend’s holiday-themed wedding shower! A gift card would allow for some giving and a little happy for myself as well :)

  67. I like and would choose the Our Snowflake Joy baby announcement/Christmas Card! How sweet. I’m expecting my first baby this month and love the idea of our Christmas card doubling as our baby announcement. Thanks for the opportunity.

    [email protected]

  68. Whitney

    I love #4 and #5! Tthe gold lettering is just lovely and very classic!

  69. Not that this is all helpful, but 2-4 are my favs! I love them all though- really cute!

  70. Kristy

    #2 for sure!!! :)

  71. Ashley R

    oh my gosh, you guys are just the cutest! I actually just ordered our Christmas cards last night from minted using one of our engagement photos – I’m excited to get to use a wedding picture next year. I’m going to go straight for the “punny” and do something like “Marry Christmas” next year.

    This year we chose the Holiday map card – it worked out well since we just relocated from the Midwest to the East coast.

    For you, I think I prefer option 1 – the font is the easiest to read and the full vertical picture is perfect.

  72. I like #2 and #3! LOVE Minted cards!

  73. Marion

    Lovee Minted!! I love option #4… something about the gold script with the black and white photo looks so great together!

  74. What a great list of options! I loved Minted, too! #1 is my favorite – it really shows off your photo and its colors – and I love how simple and universal the message is! I also love how the illustrated leaves play nicely off the pretty trees in the background of your photo! And I always love when holiday cards aren’t too “Christmasy” – it means friends and family can leave it on display into the New Year!

  75. Emily

    I love the Merry Christmas one at the top, #2. I like the way you guys are holding each other! Highly recommend Minted!

    I am Christian and would love to say “Merry Christmas” on my cards, what’s your take on etiquette though? acceptable to send a Merry Christmas card to a non-Christian family?

    Keep up the great blogging!

  76. coley r

    i like the black and white one.. my fav design is the stringed noel for our family

  77. Kristen Schuler

    I love option #2. It’s so classic and simple.

  78. Oh my goodness, I’m definitely torn between #1 & #2. I love the full-length photo and #1 “JOY” version reminds me of your website! But I love that the other has a full greeting as well…probably #2! So many amazing options!

  79. Laura M.

    I love Minted!! We did our very first photo Christmas cards with them last year, and I can’t wait to make some with our wedding photos this year!
    All the options are lovely, but number 1 is my favorite. (The half wreath of laurel leaves remind me of all the paper designs you used in your wedding :)

  80. It is a super close race between #1 and #2 for me, but I’m going to have to go with #2. I just love a Christmas card that actually has the words “Merry Christmas” on it. Keeps it classic! Beautiful choices from Minted!

  81. I like your “May your days be merry and bright” option, for us I like the Love, peace, and joy design!

  82. Kate

    I like design #2!

  83. I’m torn between the first three designs! But I think #2 is my favorite for you two. I like the way the diagonal lines from he text look with the diagonal of the light in the trees (maybe I’m overthinking this…:)

  84. Julie

    I like 1 and 3 thanks for the giveaway

  85. Andrea Rust

    I love option #2. I’d love to win this to be able to send out christmas cards of our new baby!

  86. AW! I love that Graham and Mere took your photos!! What a great duo (trio including samantha!) I am sorta partial to the “May your days be merry and bright” for some reason! Or the script Merry Christmas. We did it’s a wonderful life last year from Minted and LOVED them though!! Great quality cards. We did the postcards actually and really loved them!

  87. Meredith

    They are all great, but my favorites are #2 and #4…ultimately I think I’d vote for #4!

  88. cw

    I like #2 best….fingers crossed!

  89. Victoria

    For you, I love the hand painted branches! so beautiful!!!! For my family I think I would choose the gilded script new foil cards. Gold is my power color and I am just obsessed with it this year. I hope I can get them this year :)

  90. #4 has my vote. Something very classic and classy about the B+W closeup of you two. Don’t think you could go wrong with ANY photos taken in Southern Pines ;)


  91. Rachel

    I LOVE #1… So simple and pretty! We are thinking about sending Christmas cards for the first time this year and I love these designs!!

  92. I love number 3 – it is positive and uplifting :)

  93. Sarah Moske

    I love the ones with he gold foil!

  94. Kristen

    My favorite is Hand Painted Branches.

  95. michelle

    yeti or not holiday non-photo cards FTW – its SO cute and funny

  96. Moll

    I love #3 I mean :)

  97. Katie M

    I LOVE Minted and have been so excited about this year’s Christmas card – it’ll be the 4th our family has sent out (family being my husband, our dog and myself) but the first as a married couple. I maaaaay have started scouting cards in October. I love the Married and Merry or Newlywed Christmas options, but am leaning towards something more like Christmas Landscape or Handpainted Branches. Crossing my fingers!

  98. Mattye Woodcock

    I shared this post with Woody (as we are also focusing on Christmas cards earlier this year), and we are placing our vote together! We vote for #5- Classic Merry! The gold is beautiful and the photo is great. I love that it focuses on your faces. Also, we love MInted! That is who we used last year and I am having the same heart longing to somehow squeeze in another wedding photo, knowing it just cannot be.

  99. Melissa Paniagua

    I love #4! The black and white photo looks lovely of you two!