My new favorite…

19 August 2009

…print. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, isn’t it? I also love the creamy color of the stock. Designed by the very talented Beauchamping on Etsy. I have a very patriotic J in my household who I’m sure would love to get his paws on this little number. Buy it here for $75 or here for $35 and check out the rest of Beauchamping’s prints here.

The best part? The states are proportional.

{via Black*Eiffel}

2 Responses to “My new favorite…”

  1. made sweet

    okay. so cool.

    and the first thing i thought of when i saw it was, "but are the states in proportion to each other?"

    i was happy when you answered my question for me. :)

  2. Ayer Mail

    As a thorough Geography Person, I thoroughly approve. — RCA