19 June 2009

I’m moving soon and am seriously considering treating myself to a rubber return address stamp from Paperwink. Above are the four designs I like. Which one do you think I should order? Let me know in the comments! {Seriously, let me know or I’ll probably never be able to choose. And that would be sad.}

If you’d like to order one yourself for the bargain price of $18, you can see the rest of the address designs here. Their labels are super cute as well – I particularly covet the “Bee” design.

7 Responses to “Paperwink”

  1. goldlineevents

    My favorite is definitely #4, with #3 at a close second. Thanks for sharing – I may have to pick one up for myself as well!

  2. Amber

    I vote for #4, i like #3 too, but #4 has a softer, more southern feel ;) plus, i like the initials

  3. Catherine

    #4 is the clear winner in my view!

  4. Kate

    I like #3 the best!

  5. Meghan

    i like #4 a lot. did y'all end up finding any interesting places to live in the area? i'm still putting together people's opinions….and people have a lot of opinions…
    i'd love to see any cake stand ideas (or any other fall-themed ideas you can think of)!

  6. anna K.

    i like #3 and #4, too. although, i would totally pick #2 if i were moving to nyc!! where are you moving?

  7. Joanna

    I like #3 and #1. Three is ornate without looking silly (#4 is a looks a bit too royal). The simplicity of #1 is nice.