Pet Nicknames

18 April 2013

It is a well known fact that John and I are more than a little enamored with our cats. (John is actually known as the “cat whisperer” amongst our family and friends.)

john cat whisperer

Cat whisperer from a young age

Our infatuation has led to a variety of nicknames for our kitties, some more embarrassing and some less. For example, Jacquelyn goes by Jack, Jackapoo, Jackie Baby, Little Baby (she’s very small), Jack Jack, Pants, Little Pants, and Pantsicles. Yes, these are all things we call her on a regular basis.


Oliver answers to Ollie, Ollers, Oller Man, Mister Man, Business Man, Dobo, and Fuzzy Trousers.


We can’t be the only ones with cuckoo names for our pets, so spill it: what’s the most embarrassing name you use for your furry friends? I would LOVE to hear :)

22 Responses to “Pet Nicknames”

  1. I just got my cat a few months ago, his name is Mowgli and the only real nickname I have for him is Mowg (or butthead when he’s scratching everything in sight).

    But funny story, turns out he is a she, however, my roommate was too enamored with the name Mowgli to change it, so we are raising him as a sexually confused kitten :)

  2. Will and I are CRACKING UP! Mainly because we do the same thing! Hilarious. This is definitely one of my top 5 favorite posts ever by you.

    Ready for Winston’s nicknames?

    Winston, Winnie, Puppy, Puppy-Doopy, Doopy, Dooperson, Mr. Dooperson, Doopery-Do, Doopy-Guy, Doopy-Rat, Ol’ Tinkle Feet, and Dub (W).

    We rarely actually call him Winston :)

  3. Oh my gosh, this post is too funny! We don’t have many nicknames for my dog, but since his name is Cody, we sometimes lengthen it to Codison…which I guess is his full name? :P Other favorites are Baby, Cody Wody, and Cody Crockett (sung, of course!)

  4. Katie C.

    This post made my morning!
    I hide it from my in-laws that my family is full of crazy cat people. It’s for the best…

    My parents’ cats are named after two of my favorite South Carolinians–Sam and Inez Tenenbaum. While they like their people names, they lovingly both answer to Trouble, Munchkin, and Monster.

  5. Mary Kate

    Our dog’s name is Brady but he often goes by one of his many nicknames – Brady buckets, Brady monster, Boo boo, Boo boo bear or Brady baby.

  6. Kate

    Okay, you ready?

    Hunter: Hunter-boo, Hunter-boo-boo, Boo-dog, H-boo, H to the boo boo, Hunteriffic

    Allie: Alliegirl, Alphonse, Alf, Al-fonzarelli, Alliebabe, Babygirl

    Max: moo kitty, mook, chubs

    Emmett: E-mutt, E-muttsky, muttsky-roo

    I’m sure there are more but I can’t come up with any right now!

  7. Ashlee L.

    I have a Beagle named Bugle (I rescued him from a local adoption group and they had already named him). His nicknames consist of:

    Boogle boy
    Buddy bear
    and last, but not least, Scrunch-face!

  8. My sister’s pug’s name is Oliver, and we usually call him Ollie. However, we also like to call him one of these favorites, too: Porky, Porkchop, Pig, Mr. Bug Eyes, Stinker and Jimmy Dean (because pugs are notoriously chunky and he looks like a sausage sometimes!).

  9. Well, we don’t have any pets, but my husband makes fun of me for the voice I use when talking with birds. Yes, I talk to birds, all birds, and I always call them “birdies.” I’m a modern-day Snow White, except I don’t sing and the birds usually fly away from me instead of towards me.

  10. Peggy

    Our border collie is Spot. His middle name is Leon – ask Elizabeth about that one. When he is in trouble he is called by his full name, Spot Leon. Other times he is called by the name of his evil twin, Tops Noel. But in general we call him Spot, Spotty, SpottyDog, Spot E Dog, Spot E Dawg, Spotley, Buddy, Puppy (he must think we are nuts since he is 11 1/2, Spotamus and the list goes on and on!

  11. Christen

    We name all our dogs after Jimmy Buffett songs. We had a yellow lab named Buffett first. His nick name was boo boo bear. We now have Monday (come Monday) and Harbour (one paticular harbour). Monday has been called Monks, Monkey, pretty girl dog, Joe Joe and Monday baby. Harbour has been called Mr. Man dog, Mister, Harby, Harbs and Mamma’s boy. So you are not alone at all. We even give our dogs middle names: Monday Elizabeth and Harbour James. I have also been known to make up songs about them.

  12. So funny! I don’t have any pets of my own (yet), but consider my boyfriend’s cat to be mine :) Her name is Shadow. We call her Shadow biscuit, Shadow bears, Shadow beans, Shadow baby, kitty cat, and sassy; and refer to her as “that darn cat” (when she acts up):)Love her to pieces!

  13. You are not alone! I have two cats and a dog, and often it is days before they hear their “real” name!

    Let’s see:

    Max – the dog – is a cockapoo with a docked tail who also happens to be very nosy.

    Mr. Pokey Tail
    The Pokester
    little bear
    silly goose-a-roose
    Maxwell Smarticus

    Maizi – a tiny grey cat.

    the Maizer
    Maizi Jane
    short-tailed cat
    spot-bellied coon (she has raccoon stripes on her tail and faint spots on her tummy)

    Piper – a small cat, but quite robust and a slight tummy hanging down!

    the Pipester
    tuna boat
    Elvy (she is missing one eye, so has a slight Elvis snarl going on…)
    snake tail (clearly, I am obsessed with their tails!)
    my little loaf of pumpernickel bread

    And probably a few more I can’t think of right now! I wonder what this says of us as pet owners?! So fun, though.

  14. This is GREAT. We have so many names for our poor little confused dog, Bella! Let’s see… Berra, Bunch, Munch, Bucket, Buns, Little Lady, and I know there’s more. Haha! I’m not sure where the “bucket” one came from! I actually don’t think I ever call her Bella.

  15. Our Boston Terriers are Luna and Meeka.
    Luna is Luna Lou, Lunes, Luna-balloona, Luna-Allatoona, Looney Tunes, Lunalicious, Luna-bug, Luna-bear, Lunes-balloons, Lunetickular-mushrooms (weird)

    Meeka is Meeka Marie, Meekalicious, Meekasa, Wreck-it-Rhonda (when she gets in play mode, she is quite destructive), Meeks, Meekaroni, Meekaroni and cheese.

  16. Marget

    Obviously John and I come from the same cat stock!

    The cats Holiday and Betty are together, the kittens, the girls, girl-las, the gorillas, gorillies. And the nieces to Natalie.

    Holiday: Holly, Holla, Holla-girl, love dove, sweet girl, little one, cuddle monster, fluff muffin.

    Betty: Bette-Bette, Betta, Betty-day, skinny girl, slim jim.

    We love ’em. And their cousins! :)

  17. Lynne

    Charlie, Charlers, Boo-Boo, Boo, The Boo, Boo-boo Bear, Boo Bear, Bear, Sir, Doodles, Boodles, The Little Prince, Little Guy, Buddy, Buddles, Handsome, The Handsome One. All of these regularly, and I’m positive I’ve forgotten some!

  18. Our cat is named Orea (because she black and white, and a girl), but I don’t think I’ve ever called her that. She’s known to our friends as “The Floof”. We call her Floofy, Fluffy, Baby, Monster, Nerd Face, FussBucket (when she’s being a pain), and my husband’s favorite, Gigantor. Because she’s an enormous too-fluffy-to-function living stuffed animal.

  19. Lindsay

    Our terrier is named Oliver and I mostly call him “Pup Pup” or “Wigglebutt”… or “Mr. Wigglebutt” when we’re being formal. :)

  20. Janessa

    Oh my gosh I’m not alone!

    Roxy is a golden retriever and 12 years young this past January.

    She answers to: Roxy, Rocks/Rox, Puppers, Bonzo (as in, bedtime for Bonzo – she runs to her bed), Pupperoni, Roxyrooski, Nervous Nelly, Roxanne, Shotzy (my friend’s kid couldn’t say Roxy with his lisp), Roxy Roo, Pupperdoodle, and I’m sure there’s more I can’t think of at present!

  21. Emily Alice

    Oh my god I love this!!

    I have a dog named Eddie who also goes by Ed, Edward, Eduardo, Eddie Van Doggie (after Eddie Van Halen…my dad’s idea). I also have a cat named Otis, and since he spends the most time with me, I’m usually the one calling him all his nicknames. Otis goes by Otay, Oats, and Oter motor (because he purrs so loudly he sounds like a motor!)

  22. Mary Ellen

    You probably haven’t met our cat Samantha. She is variously known as Sam, Sammy, Sammy Jo and the Vicious One. You, of course, will remember the late Buster, who was Buster Brown, Bus, Bussie and secretly called Yankee by me alone.