Recycled art!

23 January 2012

I wanted to share a tiny little living room update we accomplished last weekend: we finally got around to framing and hanging two pieces of art!

The top piece is a painting of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a gift from one of John’s sisters. The bottom was also free to us – it’s the letterpress Christmas card our friend Meredith sent us! I thought it was too cute to throw away.

If you love it, too, you can pick up a card in Sarah Parrott’s shop!

3 Responses to “Recycled art!”

  1. Oh, my goodness! This pretty much just made my day! I love that you framed this, Em! Also, the painting from John’s sister is lovely. What a perfect accent to your color coordinated books!

  2. Beth

    Just love that picture of the mountains! And Meredith’s card (especially the sentiment!)

  3. Em

    Well you made our day, Miss Meredith, so I guess we’re even! :)