The houses of Serenbe

17 September 2014

I’ve mentioned the magical land of Serenbe before, but basically, it’s as close to an idyllic planned community as I can imagine. There are homes, a few restaurants, adorable shops in little “downtown” pockets, a farmer’s market and organic farm, an Inn, stables, nature trails, edible landscaping (blueberries planted along walkways!), an outdoor theater, and community in-ground trampolines. Yes. And aside from all that, everything – and I mean everything, from the trash cans to the real gas lamps lining the streets – is impeccably designed. I snapped a few house photos on my last trip (not creepy at all) and couldn’t resist sharing them here!

photo 1 copy







I sure do love a good bungalow. Which one is your favorite?

10 Responses to “The houses of Serenbe”

  1. What is this magical land!? :) Let’s go back!

  2. Too many favorites! Did you get to see Ali Harper’s home in person? I know you and I both enjoyed following along with her building process! Thanks for sharing these, Em!

  3. Em

    @Meredith YES! I got to have breakfast with her in it and hang out on her porch! It is even better in person, if you can believe it :)

  4. The yellow and blue ones are so adorable!!!!

  5. So fun! My head would have been spinning from all of the inspiration!

  6. The vines on the porch of that house are TO DIE FOR. Ugh, I wish we had more of that style of house here in Australia.

  7. Kelly

    I LOL’d at this because I’ve totally taken pictures of houses in my neighborhood…with my cell phone…trying to be discreet. I just really, really like houses- Ha! This post makes me have house envy. My dream is to one day live in a tiny stone cottage, so I definitely need to visit this town!

  8. Beth

    I love them for all for different reasons! So beautiful!

  9. Definitely in love with the second one…cozy and cute!

  10. Jenny beth hepler

    I love the bottom dark exterior farmhouse with the porch. Do you have any idea where I might find the houseplan?thank you!!