Vintage silverware garden markers

9 March 2010

We’re growing a little herb garden of our own, and J has related to me several times that he is very concerned about forgetting which herb is which (apparently the cilantro and dill will look similar when full grown). I’d love to mark them with these stamped vintage silverware pieces from Monkeys Always Look. Or maybe my RISD friend has some talented metal smiths in her back pocket she could hook me up with? Here’s hoping!

4 Responses to “Vintage silverware garden markers”

  1. Anonymous

    I love these — and I don't even garden!

  2. Meghan

    Actually, cilantro and dill won't look anything alike when full grown…Cilantro will look more like flat-leaf parsley than anything else.

    I do love the spoons and found some vintage silverware like this (but without the words imprinted in them) at Artsplosure in Raleigh a few years ago. I bet you could find silverware like that at the flea market, too!

    Oh, if you haven't heard of Artsplosure yet- be sure to check it out. It's a big art festival that occurs every spring at Moore Square in downtown Raleigh.

  3. susan

    I need a steel die set for marking my tools where did u find the one u used to make these spoons/forks? fantastic idea!! thank-you susan

  4. Emily

    Hi Susan! So sorry I can't help, but I didn't make these markers — they're from Etsy seller Monkeys Always Look. Best of luck!