Wedding planning update: 4+ months to go

25 April 2012

Less than five months to go!!

Photo by Lane Dittoe and florals by Oak & the Owl

Since my last update…
— We bought John’s tux and tuxedo shirt!
— We finalized our invitation design and sent it to the printer to see samples
— I designed, printed, and framed the first piece of signage for our reception
— I designed our marriage certificate and guest book cards
— I had my first wedding gown fitting!!
— We scheduled our first meeting with our pastor, our tasting with our caterer, and our site walk through with our florist and day-of coordinator
— Marget and I chose a veil designer, and I’m meeting with her tomorrow!
— We received our first wedding gifts! I’m shocked by how far people plan ahead!
— We booked the first night of accommodations for our minimoon

Next up on the list?
— John’s job is to lock down our rehearsal dinner venue, so I’m hoping he has that on his list for this month
— I’d like to book the rest of the minimoon accommodations
— I think we’re going to purchase our wedding rings!
— I would love to finish the crepe paper flowers… and share my tutorial with you!

More soon!

10 Responses to “Wedding planning update: 4+ months to go”

  1. Emily! Have you shared where you will be going on your minimoon? If you need New England suggestions, I’m happy to help! So exciting!

  2. MacKenzie

    It’s all coming together and the time will fly by! So happy to read you’re enjoying this process! :)

  3. Espo

    I’ll see your 4+ months and raise you 2+ months. Crazy!

  4. AMOF

    ESPO…always a topper.

  5. Em

    Meredith and MacKenzie: You two are the sweetest!

    Meredith: We are driving to and from our wedding, so we’ll be taking the direct route up and a leisurely route back! We’re staying in DC on Sunday night, but that’s about all we’ve decided. We’re considering a few spots in VA, but opinions are welcome!

    And Mike: Yes, that is so crazy! Just booked John’s flights for your weekend – can’t wait!!

  6. Emily, I’m dying to know more about you designing your marriage certificate?! That sounds so unique! Also, you found a local veil designer?! I’m in search of a veil because nothing at Nitsa’s did any justice! Congrats on all the progress, we still haven’t placed the order for our bridesmaid dresses for my November wedding.. Whoops! It’s a tough decision for sure!! I keep flip flopping about colors..

  7. Em

    Hi Amanda! Definitely happy to share! I’m sending it off to be printed soon, and then I’ll photograph it and write up a little something for EFM! And for the veil, we’re actually not working with a local person, but with Annette from Chaviano Couture, who is based in Atlanta. I love her and know she’s going to do an awesome job!

  8. Emily,

    You’re getting married a week after me and have so much more done than I do. You’re giving me anxiety! Please stop your planning so I can catch up ;)

  9. Em

    Hi Kathleen! The last thing I want to do is give you anxiety!! :) Our engagement will be about 14 months, so we’ve had LOTS of time. And don’t worry, we (both!) still have plenty of time to get things done!

  10. You’re so lucky you have your fiance helping you. Mine didn’t do a dang thing. He said he wouldn’t know where to begin.