What’s in our diaper bag

16 August 2016

Walk the aisles of a baby store and you’ll likely find diaper bag options with a minimum of 15 pockets. (I’m not even sure that’s an exaggeration.) I’m the first to admit I didn’t know that much about babies before June arrived, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around supplying that many crevices for goldfish to get stuck in.

As with so many things, I was reassured by my sister-in-law Marget, who opted for a Herschel backpack as a diaper bag when my nephew was born. We’ve done the same. Here’s what we’ve packed in it from birth to six months!


— 1 package of wipes
Skip Hop changing pad
— 2-3 diapers
nursing cover
— a book
— 1 extra onesie
— small hand sanitizer
A&A muslin (this serves as a lovey and also a clean surface, if needed!)
a small toy
— 2 cloths
— 2 plastic grocery bags (for diapers, if we’re not near a trash can, or wet clothes)

I imagine if you’re using bottles for each feeding that might complicate things a bit, and I know we’ll have to add or switch out a few items as June gets older. But for right now, this set-up is perfect! And as I’ve mentioned before, the Herschel packs have the bonus of being gender neutral.

If you’re the mama type, I’d love to hear what you use for a diaper bag! Or can we call it an “on-the-go bag”? Sounds so much nicer than a diaper bag :)

P.S. Six week favorites and five month favorites. Seven month favorites coming soon!

3 Responses to “What’s in our diaper bag”

  1. When you’re out and about, do you put your things in the backpack too? At home, I’m cramming everything into a tote and it feels unorganized and crazy!

  2. Yes, we use a Herschel too and love it. I had a girly diaper bag backpack from JJCole that we used in the early days, but I like how netural this one is. We have a grey one, but I’d like to get a darker one at some point since it would hide the dirt. I have found a backpack to be so helpful, especially when I was baby wearing a lot in the early days.

  3. Em

    Hi Victoria! Yes, we do! There is one pocket on the outside of the bag, where we keep smaller items like the hand sanitizer and the grocery bags. There’s also a pocket on the inside where we slip the diapers and the cloths. Other than that, there’s just not much in there, so it’s pretty easy to find what we need! :)