23 June 2010

Classic Maine goodie + adorable striped bag… anyone else see what I see here?

P.S. I see a welcome dinner favor. Complete with an adorable tag. Whoopie!!

2 Responses to “Whoopie!”

  1. xoxo, C

    No joke, there is a whoopie pie festival in my hometown this weekend. I'm seriously upset I'm missing it. They are officially (by the govenor himself) declaring June 26th as "Maine Whoopie Pie Day".
    These are my favorite http://www.wickedwhoopies.com/ and they are SO good frozen.
    Okay, that was waay to long a comment about whoopie pies.

  2. Em

    I think it's impossible to write too long of a comment about whoopie pies! Wicked Whoopies is where I was thinking about ordering from, and you've definitely assuaged my concerns about freezing them.