about emily (also known as em)

Hails from: Connecticut

Lives in: North Carolina

Brings to the table: Many years at a wedding magazine, a few years in event planning and design, a childhood spent sneaking into church balconies to spy on wedding ceremonies, a fully-stocked party closet, a passion for financial literacy, strong gift wrapping and dishwasher loading skills, Pinterest boards overflowing with inspiration, a pretty mean croquet game, and an extreme talent for guessing baby genders (I have a record of almost 100% accuracy)

Gets giddy about: Sweet peas, hymns, Girl Scout cookies, the cuteness level of my baby, travel and adventure, saving money, giving money away, my cats, eating carbohydrates, setting goals

Gets grumpy about: Staying up late, going too long between visits to New England, loud music in any form

Can be seen: Hiking with John, growing things, organizing things, reading, browsing the aisles at your neighborhood flea market, writing a to do list, and going on adventures

Wants to be: Tami Taylor

Thinks: The world is a pretty miraculous place.

Writes: To share the marvelous people, places, and things I love (with you, of course!).

Also: We welcomed a daughter to the family in January 2016!