curious about em?

What do you write about on Em for Marvelous?

I write about the people, places, and things I love — anything marvelous, really. I especially like to write about our house and the projects I dream up for it, financial freedom, my goals, and our adventures. I have truly marvelous readers, and we sometimes like to discuss interesting topics like homesickness or pet nicknames.

I see you’re married! Tell me more about your wedding.

Of course! Here are all the posts I wrote about our wedding while planning it. I recapped our celebration in seven posts: wedding week, rehearsal dinner, wedding morning, first look, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Here’s our wedding highlights film. I’ve organized things a bit more neatly here.

My goodness, you sure like goals a lot, don’t you?

Why yes, I do! Right now my focus is on a 60 Before 30 goal project. You can check out my daily goals for 2014 here. If you’re ready for more, here is my first 101 in 1001 list (2008-2010), here is my second (2011-2013), these were my daily goals for 2013, and these were my daily goals for 2012. My most important goal, though, is to be a light.

Where do you live?

We live in the Triangle of North Carolina. You can see our first apartment here, though we recently bought a house (our search in three parts: here, here, here). You can find most of our NC adventures here.

Is this your job?

Nope! I have a job I love in the wedding industry. I work on Em for Marvelous in my spare time.

Can I buy the things you make?

Sure, you can buy some of them! I sell a variety of drink stirrers, invitations, and sometimes random things that customers suggest, but I am partial to tinsel :)

Tell me more about your site, please.

Of course! It was designed by me and Brooke at Curious & Company, and programmed by Curious & Company. I collected color inspiration using this Pinterest board. The calligraphy in my header is by Melissa Esplin, and the photo of me on the front page is by Landon Jacob.

Are you marvelous?

Of course I am! And you are, too!