Black and white dance floors

30 March 2012

I love them. We are going to have one at our wedding. This makes me happy :)

So very classy, don’t you think? And — good news! — the black and white checkered dance floor was no more expensive than the regular old dance floor from our rental company!

First three images from Southern Weddings: here (by Veil & Bow), here (by Adam Barnes), and here (by Abby Jiu). Last image by Christine Farah via Grey Likes Weddings

3 Responses to “Black and white dance floors”

  1. Gorgeous! Looks much more interesting in photographs that one-colored dancefloors.

  2. Ahhh! So excited that you’re doing this!!:) I’m already looking up places for my wedding that have black and white floors in the SF Bay Area.