Bridesmaid dresses

22 February 2011

While searching for potential birthday presents, I came across these two lovely numbers that I have no use for but that struck me as excellent bridesmaid dress possibilities. They each only come in one color (plum and gray, respectively), but if they happened to line up with your chosen color scheme, you could be in luck! And at just $108 for the plum and $68 for the gray, the price is right, too.

2 Responses to “Bridesmaid dresses”

  1. Anonymous

    Where can you buy these bridesmaid dresses? Is there a link somewhere for them? I am having gray bridesmaids dresses and LOVE it! :)

  2. Emily

    Hi there! The gray dress was from Nordstrom, but unfortunately, it looks like it's not available any more! So sorry about that!