Bright gingham shorts

7 July 2010

I kind of really love these shorts. They’re retro, they’re modern, they can be dressed up or dressed down…. unfortunately, they’re also very expensive. Oh, J. Crew.

5 Responses to “Bright gingham shorts”

  1. Jessica

    They are so cute!! Maybe you can find them at an outlet?

  2. emily

    seriously. why did j.crew get so costly? Those are cute shorts though.

  3. The Pink Tutu

    I have them in bright blue from the J. Crew outlet for less expensive! Can't remember how much, but it was a much better deal. Hope you have an outlet nearby!

  4. Em

    Ooo, thanks, ladies! I will definitely have to check my outlet… the blue sounds great!

  5. Amber

    I got them in that orange color at the outlet too for $25!