Gorgeous recipe styling

27 September 2010

My good buddy Caity sent me a link to this post on today and tomorrow, and I was instantly mesmerized.

They’re all images from IKEA’s new book Homemade is Best, photographed by Carl Kleiner. I love when people take the time to see the beauty in overlooked things, and recipe ingredients definitely fall into that category. Happily, the styling (by Evelina Bratell) is just lovely here.

Thanks, Cait!

3 Responses to “Gorgeous recipe styling”

  1. Caity

    Sweet! (Pun intended)

  2. Ms. Bright

    These are fantastic! Just like IKEA to come up with the neatest, most organized and most compact way of displaying ingredients. It's very Martha, but more Swedish :)

    Glad I found your blog!!

    xo, Ms. Bright

  3. Emily

    Well, seeing as I love Martha, no wonder these appealed to me! :)