10 Responses to “Guest bedroom style”

  1. Paloma

    1 & 3 are my picks! 1 really seems like it's your style from what I can tell and 3 just seems so warm and welcoming!

  2. Kate

    I think I like the first one the best

  3. Wanda

    YELLOW, CORAL, AQUA. For sure.

  4. jessica

    #1! So warm & inviting

  5. Cassie

    I like the colors in the 1st one but I like the picture collage in the 3rd.

  6. Meredith Perdue

    I love the idea of something calming like the second option, but number one certainly looks cheery!

  7. Ellie

    I love Option #2, as it's the way I'm leaning for my new bedroom (I think I'll throw in blush too), but I think Option #1 is more you :)

  8. Kimberly

    Options 1 or 4 :)

  9. Kelly

    Loving #1!

  10. Emily

    Thank you all for the input! It looks like no. 1 is the winner… I'll keep you updated! :)