Minted save the date options

19 October 2011

Happy Wednesday! Recently, we’ve started to think seriously about save the dates. One thing we’ve been debating is the best time to send them out. I don’t want them to get lost in the Christmas letter shuffle, but November seems too early — that would be ten months out — and January seems too late — eight months out. Thoughts? When is too early (or late) to send save the dates, in your opinion?

One thing I have decided is where our save the dates will come from: Minted! As you all know, I love Minted. (I’ve previously posted about them here, here, and here!) I love that their products all come from independent designers, I love the quality and price combination, and I love that they are very open to customization.

Some of you might be surprised that I’m not making our save the dates myself (especially considering I designed a set for my sister), but I’ve decided to take the easy route this time and save my energy and creative ideas for the invite suite :) Plus, I honestly do love Minted, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to use some of their pieces!

Now, which design to send? There are a few we’re considering, and I’d love your input.

A. “Fireflies” save the date ($209 for 100)
This is such a sweet design, but I think it might not be formal enough for the celebration we’re planning.

B. “Charming Go Lightly” save the dates ($190 for 100)
Simple, classic, and beautiful. Plus, I love that this one is designed by Cheree Berry, one of my very favorite stationers!

C. “Midnight Vineyard” save the dates ($190 for 100)
Simple and striking. I think this design fits well with the style of our wedding.

D. “Fling” save the dates ($163 for 100)
Lighthearted and lovely. This one reads a little more “spring” than “late summer” to me, though.

E. “Winter Flourish” save the dates ($190 for 100)
Love the swooshy font! That blue is a gorgeous shade, too.

What do you think, ladies? Share your pick below, por favor!

23 Responses to “Minted save the date options”

  1. Shannon Darrough

    I love the the black with the lights … very Gatsby!

  2. Natalia

    Love Midnight Vineyard! Unique design with classic script… I like! Winter Flourish is a close second.

  3. Amanda

    The Midnight Vineyard and Winter Flourish are both amazing!

  4. Jessica

    I like Midnight Vineyard or Winter Flourish the best. They're bold enough to catch your eye but not so specific, either in theme or design, to give your day away quite yet. I always think that the STD should just fan the flames a bit, while the invitation should be the full on fire :)

  5. writtenbliss

    Winter Flourish is my fave, followed by Charming Go Lightly. :)

  6. kelly

    Winter Flourish is just gorgeous! I also love the Midnight Vineyard, but you can't beat the swoosh and pretty blue!

  7. K

    Midnight Vineyard followed closely by Winter Flourish.

    They were all very lovely choices!

  8. KMS

    Winter Flourish! Love that font – we used it in our save the dates too!

  9. Shelby

    Ah! Fireflies is one of my personal faves! I swoon over a good mason jar, but I really love Midnight Vineyard. So simple & sweet!


    I think I have to hop on the bandwagon – Midnight Vineyard is gorgeous!

  11. Peggy

    Midnight Vineyard followed closely by Charming Go Lightly

  12. Anonymous

    Charming Go Lightly and Midnight Vineyard are both gorgeous! I love classic, but Midnight Vineyard is so beautiful I might choose that if it matches your style of wedding!

  13. Isle of View

    Midnight vineyard!

  14. Beth

    I too am jumping on the bandwagon! Love, love, love the Midnight Vineyard – can see some of those lights at the reception! Also, 2nd choice is the Winter Flourish.

  15. Kara

    I like the Winter Flourish and Midnight Vineyard! I think we sent out our Save the Dates about 6 months in advance, so you should be fine waiting until after Christmas.

  16. Cassie

    They're all great choices!! I like Midnight Vineyard (just so different than anything I've seen) and Fling! Maybe you could think about sending the Save the Dates the week in-between Christmas and New Years when people are starting to write in/ put up their new calendars. :-)

  17. Laurien

    I think Fireflies is a gorgeous save the date for a garden wedding! I think (unless the wedding is formal) the save the date can be a bit more fun and the invitations can be more formal. But Midnight Vineyard definitely gets my second vote : )

  18. Amy

    Midnight Vineyard and Fireflies are my favorites! Midnight Vineyard would be better than Fireflies if your wedding is formal.

  19. Kate

    Midnight Vineyard for sure. And I think you'll be fine after New Year's, that's still plenty of time to buy a plane ticket (speaking as somebody who buys a lot of plane tickets and will, in this case, have to buy a plane ticket)

  20. Jenna

    I like Midnight Vineyard, but I admit I hate the colors (the green in particular) and it's throwing me off. Choose different colors and I think it will be perfect :)

  21. Carly Totten

    Hi Emily! I read your post on Southern Weddings, so with that in mind…I love Midnight Vineyard because it hints that you are going to hold your reception in a tent. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the lights. I also love Winter Flourish in that color because the font is lovely and makes me think of the ocean. Good luck!