Our engagement photos!

7 June 2012

Hello, lovely friends! More than a month ago I shared some of our engagement photo inspiration, and I asked for your input on outfits and a location. Well, we figured all those details out, we had a fantastic time shooting with Gina Zeidler (she was amazing, and totally put John at ease – he loved her!), and now, we have these photos to treasure forever! Behold, a few of our absolute favorites:

We are so, so, SO happy with our photos and think Gina did an amazing job!!

For those who might be wondering, we ended up taking our photos at the North Carolina Museum of Art’s art park. It’s one of our favorite places in the area, and one we love taking out-of-town visitors to.

What do you think? I would love to hear which photo is your favorite, as we’re trying to decide which one to frame for our wall!

P.S. THIS is how I feel about marrying this guy!

14 Responses to “Our engagement photos!”

  1. Awesome job, Gina! Being a huge ice cream lover, I love the one of y’all with the ice cream cones!

  2. O Emily, these are just perfect for the two of you! You look so happy, and the colors are gorgeous. Hands down my favorite is the one of him kissing your forehead with the sunflare behind. His nose is a little smashed, so he might not like that, but I think it’s so sweet and pretty.

    Of course if you’re blowing something up big, dramatic shots like the one with the tree always look nice.

  3. Laura

    Em, these are gorgeous! You look so pretty! Did you have to do anything special with your make up for the photos or did you just follow your normal routine?

  4. Wow these photos are great. I love all the emotion in them! You look so happy to be marrying your special one. Congrats!

  5. Oh man, how stinkin’ adorable are you two??? Beautiful work by Gina… my favorites are in the second row down, the right photo, and that last one — you both look like you’re positively jumping for joy to be marrying each other! Love it.

  6. Em

    Thank you so much, ladies!! Laura, I wear extremely minimal makeup on a daily basis (sometimes concealer, plus mineral powder, a tiny bit of bronzer and blush, and chapstick), so I basically just stepped it up a little bit – made sure I was covering up any redness with the concealer, put on more blush and bronzer than usual, and added a bit of dark brown eyeliner on my bottom lids, a healthy dose of mascara (I always use an eyelash curler, as well!), and a pinky-red lipstain. Hope that helps!

  7. Meagan

    They all came out amazing!!! But the one where he is kissing your head and there is a sun burst over your shoulder is stunning and sweet!!! It will def be an inspiration shot when I get my engagement photos done!!

  8. Marget

    LOVE, obviously! Happiness abounds.

  9. Gorgeous…these make me feel all happy inside for you!!:) They came out beautiful and just like I would imagine your engagement photos!!

  10. Kim

    Oh my gosh these are gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I love the fan favorite with the sun but also the third and fifth with you hugging each other. Love! :)

  11. Just discovered you, and I must say… these rock!! They put the focus on the couple, which is the point, right?! Keep smiling as you continue this wonderful journey! Looking forward to reading along!

  12. Rob

    Great photos. Good to see lots of cuddling and smooches. I like the B&W one of you looking up/John looking down; but also the last one of running on the road.

  13. Laurien

    I love the 8th one!! I almost want to frame it. Such a gorgeous picture : ) It makes you completely forget that the photographer was even there. All the best for the 15th! I’ve been following you since Peach & Pearl days and am so excited for you :D Congrats and enjoy every minute xox