Striped paper straws

21 April 2010

Gather in close, y’all, because I’ve got a secret to share today. Well, it won’t be a secret much longer, but that’s okay. You know those ridiculously cute and eco-friendly striped paper straws that are making the rounds of blog land?

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Yep, those ones. Like many of you, I’m sure, I’m a little bit in love with them. However, I was discouraged by the online ordering process, though there are a few options. The first is to order from Kikkerland, the company that manufactures them. You can go here to do that. One box of 50 straws is $3, but that balloons to $12.99 with shipping, or $4.33 per box! AND you don’t get to pick the color! You’ll get either blue + white, green + white, or red + white, whichever combo Kikkerland feels like sending you.

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Green Party Goods sells the straws in packs of 3 for $8.50, but again, you can’t choose the colors (you’ll get either green + white, blue + white, or pink + white). They also require you to have a minimum order of $17 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which will bring your total to $26.29 with shipping at a minimum, or $4.38 per box. Right.

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There are also several vendors on Etsy that sell the straws, but the deals are even worse, if you can believe it. Here you can buy 1 red + white pack for $9 with shipping, here you can buy the same for $11.25 (!!), and here you can buy a pack of just 25 green + white, pink + white, or blue + white for $8.25 (that would be $16.50 for 50 straws!!!). The only benefit with Etsy is that you can be assured of the color combination.

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HOWEVER (and here’s where it gets good), I have a solution that blows the rest of these out of the water. It’s a little store that goes by the name of Rock Paper Scissors, located in Wiscasset, Maine. I drive through Wiscasset every summer on the way to my family’s summer house, and lately I’ve always tried to stop at RPS. It’s a delightful store, but perhaps the best part is that they sell these straws… for $2 a box! If you happen to be in the area, I’d suggest stopping by to pick up a few. If you aren’t, simply call the store (207-882-9930) and request the colors you’d like (selection varies). The owner will charge you the cost of shipping after she’s weighed it at the post office.

The upshot? On Thursday I ordered 3 boxes of gray + white and 4 boxes of blue + white, and my total (with shipping) was $21.50, or $3.07 a box. Score! And you have the added bonus of supporting a small business.

I’d love to hear if you try my method!

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  1. Meredith Perdue

    Love it! We drive through Wiscasset all the time when we're taking road trips- I must look up Rock Paper Scissors so I can stop next time! Thanks for sharing, Emily!

  2. Em

    Yay Meredith! You're the perfect person to try this!

  3. Anonymous

    anthropologie is now selling the red and white ones, but at $10 for a box of 20…

  4. xoxo, C

    I'm totally going to look for this store next time we drive up to see my grandparents!
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Emily

    Anonymous — WOW! Are you kidding me?! $10 for a box of 20? Yikes!

  6. Casey

    I think I may have found my solution. 500 red/white straws for $13.95 at It would be nice to have more color options, but WITH shipping, it came to less than four cents a straw!

  7. Emily

    That's awesome, Casey! I'm agreed with you on the colors, but you really can't beat 4 cents each!

  8. Gary

    We have been selling paper straws for some time now and while it's regrettable, we only have access to the Red & White ones or those in plain White. However, as Casey mentioned, our prices are pretty good and we ship out orders the same day as they're placed. Our most unusual order was for 96 boxes of Red & White unwrapped straws that went to a cocktail bar in Belgium. Visit us at

  9. Emily

    Thanks for chiming in, Gary! You sound like a great source for those seeking the red and white version.

  10. Anonymous

    The straws at achieve the look but they are super thin compared to the kikkerland straws.

    Suzanne at sells the thicker straws for $.05 but minimum shipping starting at $7.

    I sell the straws on etsy for $3/25 on the thick straws and $4/50 on the thinner red straws. With Shipping starting at $2.50. I offer green, blue, fuschia, and red. Grey starting at the end of July.

  11. Anonymous

    I just ordered from Rock Paper Scissors some of the paper straws and it was so easy and really cheap!

  12. Irma

    I ordered from RPS over the phone, friendly service! wish they have a sister store in Florida (wishful thinking) though they only have 3 colors left: green, blue and pink :( Wonder where else I could find the rest of the colors with the best price like theirs?

  13. emily

    thanks for the help. Just placed an order and while I really wanted the grey ones, they are out of stock so I went with one of each of the other colors. Can't wait for my package to arrive!

  14. Emily

    Ladies, I'm so glad you had good luck with Rock, Paper, Scissors! I love love love that we've been able to send so much business to an awesome independent store!

  15. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the helpful tip. I just ordred 6 boxes from RPS. I have been lusting after these straws for a long time but couldn't bear to pay a ridiculous sum for a box of straws!

  16. Flipawoo

    I just called RPS and they estimated $5-6 to ship out a box to CA. Where were your boxes shipped to? Thanks for looking into all the price comparisons! If you don't mind, I plan to add a link to this on my blog by the end of the day.

  17. Emily

    Hi Flipawoo! $5-6 seems like a pretty good price to me! Mine were shipped to North Carolina. I bought 7 boxes, and the shipping was no more than $10. I think the more you order, the better the shipping price seems, since it's spread out over more boxes.

  18. Anonymous

    I got mine from a UK site called range of colours. Also loads of other groovy products on their site…

  19. Lynne

    I sell the Kikkerland straws in the UK for £2.50 per box, in red, grey or blue at my shop Shipping is free over £25 in the UK, £4.95 for international orders.

  20. Anonymous

    This is SO helpful, thank you. I have searched everywhere in Australia and even with $32 postage, these are the cheapest I can get! Cheers

  21. Laure

    Hi Lynne,

    are you able to ship in France?? I would very much like to have these grey straws for my wedding day (200 units).
    Thank you!

  22. Jessica


    I am one of the sellers you listed as charging an enormous amount for the straws and I just wanted to clarify as to why they are so high…there is a huge amount of them that we get from the manufacturer that are completely damaged (they are coming untwisted, the color is all bubbled up or not uniform, etc.) so there is a huge amount that are not useable and need to be damaged out. Some of that cost we as sellers eat, but some needs to be absorbed with a higher price. The only other option we as sellers would have would be to charge a lower price (like your local store does) and most likely at least 50% would be so damaged you would have to throw them out. You may have gotten lucky at this local store paying just $2 a box, but the first few times you get rotten boxes you're going to understand and appreciate the value of paying a little bit higher price to be absolutely sure you're getting quality straws. I'm hoping I came across positively and really just wanted to share really how many damaged ones we get. We're not trying to rip people off…we're trying in fact to just make sure we're able to send people quality. And Lynne…I absolutely would ship to France. Let me know if you'd like a quality straw and I'd be happy to ship…

  23. Emily

    Hi Jessica!

    Thanks so much for chiming in! I can certainly see your point, and that's unfortunate that the manufacturer often sends damaged product. However, I have never received damaged straws from Rock Paper Scissors (neither does it sound like the other happy customers who commented here have), and I would be shocked if RPS would ever put damaged straws on their shelves or in the mail to a customer. It's their choice to sell them at the price they do just as it's yours to do the same. However, while I have the option of buying the same quality product at a lower price from a lovely seller, I will absolutely do so. Thanks again for your thoughts!

  24. leila

    Hi, I found these on a website called You can select any number you want from the three colors they carry (wish they had more). Red/white, blue/white, and grey/white. They are .05 cents each, so that 5.00 for 100 and the shipping was 7.00 for 2-3 day priority USPS. Great find!

  25. Garnish

    Thanks to everyone who has referred Garnish in this straw conversation! It's so nice to see happy customers passing along their finds. For those international customers, we ship all around the world and often. Just give us a holler and we'll quote the shipping for you. These straws can be tricky, but since we break open every box you are sure to receive a quality product.

    Garnish + Enjoy,

    – Suzanne

  26. Garnish

    Hit send too quickly…just to clarify, our website is

    Garnish + Enjoy,

    – Suzanne

  27. Laura B

    I sell stripey and polka dot paper straws (made in USA, biodegradable, compostable) at They are expensive at wholesale prices, so a package of 50 straws is $11.99 – come and visit us! We ship in the US and Canada. :)

  28. Stefanie Blakely

    I know I'm late to this conversation, but sells them too. $8/50 straws and they have some adorable colors– pink, lime green, orange, etc. They have stripes and polka dots!

  29. Anonymous

    Does anyone know where to find "bendy" paper straws???

  30. Anonymous

    I just ordered from RPS and was sure to tell her I found them on this blog!
    They now come in a larger package (144 straws) and she sells them for $5.50, plus shipping.
    Currently, she has red/white, blue/white, and grey/white. I ordered two packs or red, and one pack of blue. I can't wait to get them for my daughter's "sock hop" themed party!
    I am all the way in AZ and would have never found RPS without your wonderful blog. THANK YOU

  31. Emily

    Thank you for the update, Anonymous!

  32. Yuri

    Hi Guys, I just found this post! And Ive been searching for some each straws, whats the URl to RPS??

  33. Emily

    Hi Yuri! As far as I know, RPS does not have a website — you need to call the store to order. Their phone number is in the post. Hope that helps!

  34. The Sugar Diva

    Hi Everyone,
    If you want THE BEST PAPER STRAWS and the most colors and styles to choose from, then visit me on my web site at

    We just launched a brand new line of PAPER STRAWS in 22 exciting colors…!!! They are manufactured and designed by us and are very strong, thick and durable. PROMISE…!!!

    Beautiful colors…..Pretty designs….Including the first ever Polka Dot Paper Straws…!!!

    Come by and visit me and please say HELLO…!!
    Many thanks.,

  35. Vanessa Grant

    Thank you so much for this post!

    I have been looking everywhere for pink stiped paper straws, I really didn't think they would be so hard to find.

    The Sugar Divas – I am coming your way!
    Thanks again all

  36. Vanecessary

    For any Australians who are looking for striped paper straws go to

    here is the actual link for the straws, $9.95 for 144 (by far the cheapest in Australia!

    Check out my blog :)

  37. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this post! Just ordered the blue and white striped straws from Rock Paper Scissors. 144 in a box for $5.50 plus actual cost of shipping. Yay!

  38. Reggie Weills

    Love your blog! Wonderful aesthetic. And embarrassing to go totally sales force, but just wanted to throw out there that we have paper straws available on our website – 144 for $6.50! Gray, red and blue! And – You get to choose the color! What are those other folks thinking?

  39. Jessie

    I am so excited I found your blog today! I saw these in the Martha Stewart wedding magazine last weekend and was going to order them TODAY until I saw this. I am calling RPS.

  40. La Vie Le Gage Couture Events Wedding Planning

    These are the best blog posts comments I've read in a while. Fabulous finding out where to get the paper straws!! I just happened across this blog while surfing myself. So, so, happy I did!!!

  41. Amanda

    I didn't read other comments so someone else may have posted this link but I found them for $.05 each at the online store, Garnish,
    there aren't that many color options grey/white, red/white, blue/white. but still that would make them $2.50 for 50 straws. I wish I lived next to a store that sold them though ;)

  42. Sweat Pea

    I'm so thrilled to have come across your blog while searching for paper straws.

    I haven't been able to find anyone here in Canada who sells them, at least not while searching the web.

    Excited to get some and use them in my food photos.

    I shall link your blog when I do receive/post about them.


  43. The Art of Family

    Was looking online for ordering paper straws and came across these comments – thanks everyone. Question though – how many straws are in 1 box sold through RPS? I was about to buy from until I read they are "super thin?" That wouldn't be good…

  44. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for your blog….it was super awesome deal…called RPS super friendly staff member answered she took my ordered and shipped a week later i have my straws and they came in perfect condition…144 straws for $5.50 plus exact shipping and handling. I hope they get more color options soon cause they only have grey/white and red/white when i called.

  45. julie

    Thanks everyone! What a helpful post. : )

  46. Lindsey

    just stumbles across your blog! AND I LOVVEEEEEE rock paper scissors in Maine. My boyfriend and I stop at Reds every year and I always drag him in there. The file folders and my pencil cup are from there. Love it!

  47. Blair Britt Events - JDV

    just called and ordered from RPS… should have my 2 packs of blue ones within a week, Nina helped me and was so sweet over the phone! thanks for the gem of a resource for these!

  48. GoldenAldi

    Thanks so much for the tip! I have not been able to find a single paper straw here in Germany! Found some on a UK site, but waaay to expensive! Plus postage!! So I searched the internet, stumbled upon your blog here. Good thing and just in time! I have a friend coming for a visit, so she could bring them, so I just called the store up in Maine, and ordered 3 boxes of 144 blue/white for 5.50 each! So glad to know we'll be using paper straws this summer!

  49. Anonymous

    Does anyone have an email address for RPS as I'm in UK so emailing is easier than phoning. Kind thanks

  50. Greenmunch

    If you are looking for a source of paper straws in Canada you can get them at our new online store We have blue, gray, and red straws.

  51. Anonymous

    I'm Excited, thanks for the paper straw lead!! Your blog is very charming, love the pictures!! Pamela from Florida :~)

  52. Beth

    Still chiming in even this late in the postings, but I am thrilled to have stumbled onto your blog post about these straws! I just might be ordering some this fall for my daughter's b'day party!

  53. Brenda

    I am waaay late on this comment but I stumbled onto your blog while looking for something totally different… anyway, you can find the straws on amazong, reasonable too!

  54. Jean

    Thank you for this post! It helps me decide where to start looking. I love your blog too.

  55. CanDoChefs

    We've increased our selection of colors and continue to add more paper straws every day. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and try to ship your order the same day it's placed.

  56. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh these are so much fun!
    I had a get together with a local
    consignment shop for a parking lot
    sale! We were flipping thru some
    magazines someone was selling for
    a dime! My kind of bargain…and
    came across a page with the cutest
    decorations for parties with these paper
    I found them online at Etsy from Not Too Shabby's
    Shabbygirl2's shop. Cute packaging I gave these away as party favors too!
    Great experience fair prices, and super quick
    shipping. She is the manufacturer of these, and has nice colors too! I bought the purple and white and red and white stripes for my cocktail party! Adorable!! Thanks for this blog!