Wedding planning update: 10+ months to go

25 October 2011

Wedding planning took a bit of a backseat this month (especially compared to last month!), but I still feel productive because of what we did get accomplished.

Breathtaking photo by Anna Kuperberg

— We finally signed a contract and put down a deposit with our recalcitrant venue
— We chose a caterer and signed a contract with them (SO excited about our pick!!)
— We inquired with ceremony musicians
— We received a proposal for a custom lounge grouping
— We chose save the dates (thanks to your help!)
— I’m really starting to flesh out what I would like our invitations to look like
— Completed some hotel block research, thanks to my Momma
— I’ve been working hard on our wedding website, which I’m crafting from a Blogger template (can’t wait to share this sucker, plus a full tutorial!)

November promises to be a full month, with likely decisions on a wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, a band, and ceremony musicians!

4 Responses to “Wedding planning update: 10+ months to go”

  1. Shannon Darrough

    I know I'm new here, but I can't wait to see how you use blogger for a wedding website!

  2. Emily

    Thank you so much, Shannon! It's actually surprisingly easy, and makes for a pretty neat option, I think!

  3. Emily Hansel

    ooooooo, I'm so excited for more dress posts! I think there should be a sneak peak at your choice, I don't know if I can wait until September. Especially since an 8 month old will be running my life by then :)